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Alien Teasers Reveal Franchise Is Expanding in 2019

Posted 2018/12/26 19 0

2019 will see the Alien franchise expand. As for how it’s going to expand? That remains to be seen, but some new Alien stuff, be it a movie, TV series, novels, comics, video games or some combination of these various forms of media, is coming our way during the next year. But while we wait to figure out exactly what that winds up being, we have a pretty compelling story to take a look at within that universe right now.

The official Instagram account for the Alien franchise recently shared a series of six posts that state “the Alien universe expands in 2019.” But those posts also included several different images along with brief yet compelling captions providing us a look into A 6-Part Dossier Exposing the Secret History of Weyland-Yutani. Those familiar with the franchise will recognize Weyland-Yutani as the corporation deeply tied to the Alien franchise that is responsible for the discovery of, and in some ways, the creation of the Xenomorphs.

The story told throughout these six posts sees someone investigating mysterious research at Weyland-Yutani. This, as this individual discovers, involves Xenomorphs and, unfortunately for certain individuals, quite a few humans working at one of the company’s colonies on a distant planet. Even though it’s just a series of six captions and images, it’s a pretty complete and interesting story. That said, it doesn’t really explain what to expect in terms of this expansion next year. So, for the time being, all we can really do is speculate. But there are some things we can probably rule out right off the bat.

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Disney is currently in the process of trying to complete their purchase of Fox, which is expected to be done between early and mid-2019. That means, before long, the Mouse House will be in control of the Alien franchise. At that point, it’s less likely than ever that Ridley Scott will get to make his planned sequel to Alien: Covenant. So, while many fans would probably love a new movie, that’s probably not what’s being teased here. But that doesn’t mean live-action is out of the question. We’ve heard rumors of a possible TV series set within the Alien universe being planned behind the scenes. Perhaps this is related to just such a project?

There have been plenty of Alien comics and video games over the years, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that some new titles in those mediums are happening next year. Really, there is almost no telling right now. But for those who liked what Covenant had to offer will likely be very happy to hear the franchise is continuing in some way, shape or form. And those who didn’t will have the chance to check out something new instead. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on this expansion are made available. For now, be sure to check out the series of posts from the Alien Anthology Instagram below.

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