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Annihilation Trailer Opens A Portal to Hell

Posted 2019/03/11 6 0

The first trailer for Universal 1440 Entertainment’s Doom: Annihilation is here and it’s not a game anymore. We were just recently treated to the official title, along with some images and the synopsis, so the trailer release isn’t too much of a surprise. With that being said, we’re looking at movie that is much different than 2005’s Doom, which starred Dwayne Johnson and was a complete flop at the box office. Instead, we’re going back to the original 1993 game’s roots, which should have some fans of the franchise pretty excited for the upcoming release.

Director Tony Giglio wanted to take a step away from the 2005 adaptation to make Doom: Annihilation a bit more “artful.” However, there will still be a first-person shooter aspect to the movie like the first adaptation, thanks to the “heads up display” on the team’s visors, which the director says is an homage to the original game. The nightmarish creatures that can be seen in the trailer are truly from hell. Actor Dominic Mafham can be heard saying, “I opened up a portal to hell,” and he was definitely not kidding. Giglio had this to say about Doom: Annihilation.

“We will be using the first-person perspective but not like the first film or for long extended periods. While Doom is widely known for pioneering the first-person perspective, it’s not ‘new’ anymore. So I wanted to find a way to give a nod to it, but not have it dominate or distract or take you out of the film.”

Doom: Annihilation follows a group of space marines responding to a distress call coming from a Martian base. When the group arrives, they find out that the base has been overrun by demons. It sounds pretty much like the 2005 movie, but in terms of looks and feel, there is no comparison. Tony Giglio is completely ignoring the 2005 adaptation and doing his own thing.

While video games have had some trouble crossing over on screen, Doom Annihilation is attempting to get past that. The movie is already appealing to video game fans and to horror fans at the same time. After looking at the first trailer and images, it appears that the movie will be more of a sci-fi horror project when it comes down to it. The trailer is only 30 seconds-long, but it gives viewers a pretty good indicator of what they’ll be in for when the movie is released.

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Doom Annihilation does not have an official release date at this time, but it is believed that the movie will hit Blu-ray and DVD this fall. The movie stars Amy Manson (Atlantis), Dominic Mafham (Ophelia), Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion), and Nina Bergman (The Car: Road to Revenge). You can watch the very first trailer for Doom Annihilation, thanks to the BD Horror Trailers and Clips YouTube channel.

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