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Aquaman Almost Had a Gory Shark Scene, But James Wan Deemed It Too Crazy

Posted 2018/12/23 38 0

James Wan has revealed which scene from the original Aquaman script was just too crazy for the movie. The Arthur Curry standalone movie opened in North American theaters this weekend and fans have been enjoying how beautiful it looks on the big screen. Additionally, fans have been really into how absurd and over-the-top a lot of it is, making for a fun moviegoing experience and giving the DCEU some positive news at the box office at the same time.

While Aquaman is pretty out there, James Wan says that screenwriter Will Beall had a scene that was just too crazy, even by his standards. However, by looking at Wan’s description, it didn’t start off all bloody and gory. It involved the imprisonment of Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry. Wan had this to say about Beall’s idea.

“He had a really quirky out-there (sequence)… it wasn’t the studio, it was me that said, I don’t know if we can have that in there, that’s a bit weird. As much as I loved it. He had this sequence where… Aquaman has been apprehended by King Orm and he’s been thrown into this dungeon. Like this really awful prison deep in Atlantis. He ends up starting a prison riot, where all the guards are sharks.”

Okay, so that doesn’t sound so bad at all. But, James Wan went into more detail, and it escalates really quickly. It’s funny to hear the director of the Saw franchise and The Conjuring talk about a scene being too much for Aquaman. In the end, the director more than likely made the right decision. He explains.

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“They were shark-guards… and he kills one of the shark guards and the shark starts bleeding and then that starts a feeding frenzy among all the other shark guards. It just went nuts. We’re talking like clouds of blood billowing everywhere and he uses that to escape. I was like Holy crap, I don’t know if I can do that.”

If that bloody shark scene had of been filmed, many fans would have probably attributed it to James Wan without even thinking twice about it. While the scene is over-the-top, the director may have wanted to avoid it as a way of staying out of the horror genre, avoiding the trick that some fans may have been anticipating. He was making an Aquaman movie, not an Annabelle movie, though there is a very small, blink-and-you-miss-it, cameo featuring the evil doll.

Whatever the case may be, it would have been pretty cool to see some sharks brutally attacking each other while Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry escapes from the bloody sea dungeon. It’s pretty dark, but it’s also what a lot of James Wan fans would’ve expected him to do. Instead, he made a pretty trippy movie that embraced the absurdity of the Aquaman story. You can read the rest of what James Wan had to say over at Collider.

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