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Aquaman Swims Past Justice League at the Worldwide Box Office

Posted 2018/12/30 31 0

Aquaman has already beaten Justice League‘s worldwide box office totals. As of this writing, the superhero movie has only been in theaters for eight days and it has earned $666.1 million, whereas it took Justice League 119 days to get to $657.9 million. It seems that the chances of an Aquaman sequel keep getting better by the day. The studio has already revealed that discussions have occurred and they have to be ecstatic that the movie is performing so well at the box office. Jason Momoa has already revealed that he has pitched ideas for a possible sequel.

Currently, Aquaman is on track for its second number one weekend at the box office, which is huge considering the competition at the moment. Domestically, the Arthur Curry standalone movie has earned $154.3 million, while the Justice League domestic grand total is $229 million. Aquaman will more than likely go on to beat that number in the coming weeks. The big money for the James Wan-directed movie is coming from overseas where it has already earned $511.8 million, with nearly $100 million of that coming from China. Justice League stalled at $428.9 million, only making just over $50 million in China.

Justice League ran into some snags behind-the-scenes that started when Zack Snyder was either fired or quit the project. By the time that the movie finally hit theaters, the news behind-the-scenes was bigger than the movie itself and its box office performance reflected that. Aquaman was pushed back a few times, but James Wan and Jason Momoa have been nothing but positive while out promoting the movie, which more than likely had an effect on fans who have been waiting for the DCEU to step up to the plate.

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Justice League still has Aquaman beat for opening weekend, having brought in $93.8 million compared to Arthur Curry’s $67.4 million. Jason Momoa and James Wan crafted an upbeat and vibrant superhero movie, which is a far cry from the darkness of Zack Snyder’s take on the DCEU. There have been whispers that Aquaman could eventually hit the $1 billion mark, but that’s a pretty lofty goal. For now, it might be wiser to set the target at getting past Wonder Woman, which ended its theatrical run with $821.8 million globally.

As for the domestic eight-day totals, Wonder Woman has Aquaman beat, with $163.5 million vs. $154.3 million. There’s still a bunch more milestones to go, but Warner Bros. and DC Films have to be pretty happy with the way that the movie is cranking at the box office. Jason Momoa and James Wan achieved their goal of putting a different Arthur Curry on the big screen, but the movie is still struggling with some critics, but that’s to be expected with nearly all superhero movies. You can check out the rest of Aquaman‘s numbers over at Box Office Mojo.

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