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Baffling Detective Pikachu Ending Explained by Ryan Reynolds

Posted 2019/05/12 30 0

Detective Pikachu is now in theaters and landed at number two at the box office this weekend. While it wasn’t able to defeat Avengers: Endgame, it was able to make a substantial amount of money and Pokémon fans have generally been pretty happy with the results. However, even for people who did not particularly enjoy the movie, there is a lot of discussion about the ending. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for Detective Pikachu below, so read ahead at your own risk.

The conclusion of Detective Pikachu has already been compared to a mix of Get Out, Lilo & Stitch, and Field of Dreams, which is quite the mixture. Ryan Reynolds says, “You have to sit and sort of go, ‘Wait, hold on. I’ve got to break this down in my head. How does this work?'” And a lot of people have been doing that ever since seeing the movie. “I love that that happens. I love that the unexpected is possible in a movie like this,” says Reynolds.

Detective Pikachu begins with main character Tim going to Ryme City to get more information on his father, Harry’s Death. He ends up finding a friend in Pikachu, who has amnesia, and has Harry’s name and address written in his detective hat. The two make an unlikely pair and discover the villain in the whole thing isn’t who they expected it to be. They also find out that Pikachu isn’t who they thought he was either. The big twist: Harry is not dead. He is inside of Pikachu and has been out with his son Tim the whole time and they never knew. “To me, it’s wish fulfillment,” says Ryan Reynolds, who is a father himself.

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Director Rob Letterman says Harry lost his memory when Pikachu sacrificed himself with the help of Mewtwo (which is a whole other story). “The father he’s been working for has been with him all along was my pitch line,” says Letterman. Letterman states the movie is reminiscent of the Field of Dreams ending where Kevin Costner gets to play catch with his deceased father one last time. Letterman went on to say, “I shed man tears to this day…” when talking about the Costner movie. “The whole thing is designed to hit that ending from the moment it started,” Letterman concluded.

In continuing the Field of Dreams comparison, Ryan Reynolds actually shows up in human form for Detective Pikachu. Tim decides to stay in Ryme City to finally get to know his estranged father, which leaves plenty of room for a sequel and perhaps a repeat viewing of the movie to see the potential clues. While some hardcore Pokémon fans are divided over the movie, there are plenty of moviegoers who are satisfied with what Rob Letterman and Ryan Reynolds have brought to the table. The interview with Reynolds and Letterman was originally conducted by USA Today.

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