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Can Joker Laugh Off Gemini Man & The Addams Family at the Box Office?

Posted 2019/10/10 0

Joker finally arrived at the box office last weekend and set a new October record with a $96.2 million take. The Clown Prince of Crime will be facing some relatively stiff competition this weekend, as Paramount’s Gemini Man starring Will Smith and MGM’s animated take on The Addams Family arrive in theaters. CBS Films is also releasing the comedy Jexi, but none of them will likely have enough gas in the tank to claim the top spot.

Warner Bros. should see another weekend atop the box office as Joker is expected to nab between $42 million and $48 million in its second frame, based on industry estimates. While critics remain divided on the Todd Phillips-directed DC Comics adaptation, the R-rated flick has proved to be a winner with audiences. Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic villain is connecting with moviegoers in a big way, as the movie has already passed $300 million worldwide.

Moving on, we’ve got Gemini Man. The latest from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee has been kicking around Hollywood for 20 some odd years and finally got made with Will Smith as its star. The movie sees Smith facing off against a younger version of himself in a hitman vs. hitman situation. The VFX spectacle has received mixed reviews and currently boasts just a 30 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. At the top end, it’s expected to bring in $30 million. Considering the $138 million production budget, that’s not a great start.

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Next up, we’ve got The Addams Family, which revives the iconic characters for the big screen in animated form. The A-list cast includes Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Finn Wolfhard and Chloe Grace Moretz. Estimates have it taking in between $20 and $27 million, which should put it in the number three spot. That is, unless Gemini Man takes a nosedive, in which case it could sneak into the number two spot. Though, that seems unlikely at this point. That may not be enough to make the PG flick a big hit, but it should have legs throughout the Halloween holiday.

Rounding out the top five should be a pair of holdovers in the form of Abominable, with around $7 million, and Downton Abbey, with roughly $5 million. Jexi, meanwhile, which stars Adam DeVine, is likely to tank, with some predicting it could take in as little as $2 million. Elsewhere, look for Parasite, the latest from Bong Joon-ho, which arrives in limited release from Neon. The movie took home the top prize at Cannes and is expected to be an awards season player. Be sure to check out our full list of weekend box office predictions below and check back with us on Sunday for the weekend estimates. Numbers used in this report were provided by Box Office Mojo.

1 Joker
2 Gemini Man
3 The Addams Family
4 Abominable
5 Downton Abbey
6 Hustlers
7 IT Chapter Two
8 Judy
9 Jexi
10 Ad Astra

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