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Captain Marvel Poster Arrives, New Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Posted 2018/12/03 31 0

Marvel Studios has revealed a new Captain Marvel poster ahead of tomorrow’s new trailer. The poster features Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers front and center in the classic red, blue, and gold suit with an intense glow around her body, teasing her powers. It’s a strong poster that hints at Danvers’ military background and is a perfect way to promote the new trailer, which will premiere tomorrow, December 3rd on ESPN during Monday Night Football. The announcement of the trailer has taken some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans by surprise for more than one reason.

MCU fans were treated to the first Captain Marvel trailer back in September, so seeing another piece of promotional material so soon is a welcome surprise. With the recent leak that Jude Law is playing Yon Rogg and not Mar-Vell like originally thought, fans are wondering if his villainous role will be shown off in the new trailer. However, that is speculation at this time. As for when the trailer will premiere tomorrow evening, the game starts at 5:15PM Pacific time and the trailer will play during halftime, so set your DVRs. It has not been confirmed, but it is believed that the trailer will hit the web shortly after its TV debut.

Another reason that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are surprised is because many believed that the long-awaited Avengers 4 trailer was going to drop on Monday night. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has said that the trailer will be released before the end of the year, which means that it will have to be released this month. With that being said, there have been some pretty heavy rumors that this coming week is going to be a big one for fans and some believe that the Avengers 4 trailer will be released this week as well, possibly on Wednesday.

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Marvel Studios is setting 2019 to be a pretty intense year for fans. Captain Marvel is first out of the gate in March, and then Avengers 4 hits theaters a few months after in May. July will see the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Since all of the movies are coming out so close together, there has been a lot of questions about how the studio will go about promoting three movies that are all intertwined. If the rumors are to be believed, it looks like Marvel Studios is flipping the script and embracing the close proximity of the release dates.

For now, it has been officially confirmed that the Captain Marvel trailer will premiere tomorrow, ensuring that Monday Night Football will see a pretty big uptick in ratings, thanks to some supportive and excited MCU fans. As for the Avengers 4 trailer, we’re still going to have to wait, but the wait might be a lot shorter than fans are anticipating. To prepare for tomorrow’s trailer drop, you can check out the epic new Captain Marvel poster below.

<strong><em>Captain Marvel</em></strong> Poster

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