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Chapter 2, What Does He Think?

Posted 2019/05/08 13 0

Stephen King has seen IT: Chapter 2 and he’s shared his thoughts on the highly-anticipated horror sequel ahead of its release this fall. Warner Bros. is finally getting ready to unleash the first teaser trailer for the movie later this week, which will offer our first true glimpse at what director Andy Muschietti has cooked up for audiences in his follow-up to 2017’s smash hit. While most of us are just eager for a taste, King has apparently seen the entire thing. So what did he think?

The famed writer, who penned the novel that these movies are based on, recently took to Twitter in order to help hype up the release of the teaser trailer on Thursday. In his tweet Stephen King, decided to casually slip in that he’s seen a cut of the movie. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“Looking forward to IT Chapter 2? You should be. I’ve seen it, and it’s terrific. The trailer is coming Thursday, at noon. You’ll float.”

So what does that actually tell us? This is kind of our first reaction to the movie, so that’s not terribly insignificant, especially since it’s a positive reaction. That said, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Stephen King isn’t going to badmouth a movie based on one of his novels this far in advance of its release, so any positivity needs to be taken with a relative grain of salt. It’s also worth mentioning that Andy Muschietti is probably still working to lock down the final cut, since IT 2 doesn’t hit theaters for several months. So whatever King has seen probably isn’t exactly what audiences will see.

Still, it’s encouraging nonetheless if for no other reason than it makes the sequel feel a bit more real. It will feel much more real come Thursday when the trailer arrives. Footage was initially shown to those in attendance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last month. They were shown an extended scene centered on an Adult Beverly Marsh and Pennywise, as well as a teaser trailer. The response to the footage was extremely positive. Whether or not what winds up online this week is the same thing that was shown at CinemaCon remains to be seen. Either way, this movie is going to be far less mysterious in just a matter of days.

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IT went on to become the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, grossing an astonishing $700 million in 2017. The movie was also widely embraced by critics and moviegoers alike. The sequel picks up 27 years later, with the members of the Losers Club returning to Derry, Maine to finish what they started with Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise. The new adult cast members include James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough), Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh), Bill Hader (Richie Tozier), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon), Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom), James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak) and Andy Bean (Stanley Uris). The young cast members from the previous installment will also return. IT: Chapter 2 is set to hit theaters on September 6. Be sure to check out the post from Stephen King’s Twitter account below.

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