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Chris Evans Shares Biggest Captain America Spoiler Photo Yet from Endgame Set

Posted 2019/05/12 9 0

Chris Evans has shared a picture of himself from the Avengers: Endgame makeup chair. When thinking of Captain America and Steve Rogers, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans probably don’t really think of the character needing too much makeup unless it’s for facial injuries from battles. However, Endgame has a scene where Evans needed some serious makeup to truly get the feel of the scene down in the right way. There are SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame below, so read ahead at your own risk.

By this time, it’s really no secret amongst MCU fans that Chris Evans appears as old man Steve Rogers at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. He goes back in time to drop off the Infinity Stones to where they rightfully belong and then ends up going back even further to spend the rest of his life with Peggy Carter. Rogers comes back to the present, but he is now an elderly man and Evans has shared a picture of the process behind making that happen on social media.

Chris Evans is wearing a bald cap and the elderly makeup is about half way complete, according to his caption. It’s a pretty striking image and Evans was clearly excited to be able to share the photo with MCU fans and the world. Getting to dress up and spend some extra time in the makeup chair might have actually been fun for the actor since he really didn’t have to do as much as say, Karen Gillan, who has to spend hours a day getting set up as Nebula. Evans is not bald in Avengers: Endgame and the makeup work was pretty amazing, which shows how much time and effort went into aging the actor as opposed to using CGI.

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Chris Evans and the rest of the cast and crew from Avengers: Endgame have been sharing their personal pictures from the making of the epic movie all last week since the spoiler ban has officially lifted and MCU fans have been pretty happy with the results. While it’s cool to see all of the images, they are also being posted to celebrate the massive success of the movie at the box office, which is something that makes the Russo Brothers a little uncomfortable. They would rather have people focusing on the story as opposed to the monetary aspect.

Despite the Russo Brothers’ feelings on the box office, Avengers: Endgame is truly a monster and is currently enjoying its third consecutive weekend at number one, beating out the debut weekend of Detective Pikachu. The movie is now the second highest grossing movie of all time and could very well end up becoming the highest grossing movie of all time in the near future. While we wait to where the movie stops, you can check out the bald image of Steve Rogers below, thanks to Chris Evans’ Twitter account.

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