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Chris Kattan Shares Shady Story About Lorne Micheals, Roxbury & Unwanted Sex

Posted 2019/05/31 6 0

Chris Kattan alleges SNL producer Lorne Michaels pressured him to have sex with Amy Heckerling. The Clueless director was originally attached to direct Kattan and Will Ferrell in 1998’s A Night At The Roxbury and reportedly hit on the then 27-year old Kattan. However, Kattan alleges that he turned her down, which made Michaels furious because she was allegedly going to walk away from the movie. The former SNL cast member detailed the events in his new memoir entitled Baby Don’t Hurt Me.

Lorne Michaels was “furious” with Chris Kattan for turning down Amy Heckerling, claims the actor. “Paramount would only do the movie if Amy signed on as a director, not as a producer,” says Kattan who then claims Michaels, “wanted to make sure the movie happened,” and insinuated Kattan had to keep Heckerling happy. “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f*ck her, but it wouldn’t hurt,” Lorne Michaels allegedly said to Kattan at the time. Kattan goes on to claim that he and Heckerling did end up having “consensual” sex on the literal casting couch.

Amy Heckerling did not end up directing A Night at the Roxbury and served as a producer instead. As for Chris Kattan’s allegations, a spokesperson for SNL says, “This did not happen.” Lorne Michaels and Amy Heckerling have not personally responded as of this writing, but they probably will have something to say. Kattan also alleges that his secret sexual relationship with Heckerling caused his relationship with Will Ferrell to end. The actor believes Ferrell felt betrayed by the secret relationship. Ferrell has also not responded to the claims at this time.

It is widely believed Chris Kattan published his book without doing any fact checking beforehand. Whatever the case may be, Kattan’s book is starting to get some attention, which was the obvious goal all along. The actor also claims he broke his neck while performing during an SNL sketch and that he had to have multiple surgeries, which got him hooked on pain medication. He alleges NBC only paid for two out of the five surgeries he had to undergo, though NBC claims to have zero record of any surgeries ever happening that they paid for.

Chris Kattan says he still feels the effects of his neck injury to this day and that he lost many friends and job opportunities due to his addiction to pain meds. For now, the neck injury is old news now that the Amy Heckerling story is out in the wild. Musician Moby recently found himself in a similar situation after alleging he had a sexual relationship with Natalie Portman when she was 19-years old and he was in his 30s. Moby doubled down on his claims after Portman denied them, only to come back and publicly apologize to the actress. Page Six was the first to report on Chris Kattan’s allegations. Mollie Heckerling, Amy’s daughter, did respond on Twitter. You can read her response below.

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