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Chucky Gets Creepy in Unnerving Peek at the Child’s Play Remake

Posted 2019/04/26 7 0

Chucky looks lovingly at Andy as he sleeps in the latest peek at the upcoming Child’s Play Remake. It appears good ol’ Chucky is really in love with his new best buddy when the movie starts. This is a little different from the story we’re all used to and for some, it’s not going to fly. The idea of a serial killer’s soul getting transferred to a doll is one of the best ideas for a horror movie ever, which makes it hard to beat. In the remake, Chucky is more technological to fit into today’s modern times.

Child’s Play remake producer Seth Grahame-Smith gave some additional backstory to the new image from the movie. However, he didn’t really shed any light on how Chucky becomes the murderous Buddi doll. Instead, we learn things haven’t always been so dark for the doll. Grahame-Smith had this to say.

“At this point in the movie, at least, Chucky has no ulterior motives. He’s just full of love for his best buddy and dreaming of ways to make him happy. It just happens that this particular toy is not all that it seems.”

The Child’s Play remake stars Gabriel Bateman as Andy, Brian Tyree Henry as a detective named Mike, and Aubrey Plaza as Andy’s mom, Karen. Plaza was asked about taking on the role and notes she was into jumping on board for personal reasons. The actress throws out a deadpan joke before giving her real reasoning. Plaza explains.

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“My mom, when I was a child, gave me a doll that tried to kill me… No, I had a really young mom, and in fact, I think the age difference is actually what my age difference is with Gabriel, so there was something about that that I really connected to.”

While many horror fans are pretty bummed the Child’s Play remake is happening at all, some have enjoyed the decision to cast Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Brad Dourif has voiced the character since its inception and will continue to do so with franchise creator Don Mancini’s upcoming TV series, but he declined to take part in the remake, just like Mancini. However, if you’re going to replace someone as iconic as Dourif, you might as well get someone else who is equally iconic in the voice acting world. Never mind Hamill’s live-action resume…

The Child’s Play remake opens in theaters on June 21st and could end up being a hit, which then introduces Chucky to a new generation. Or, it could bomb and horror fans can forget it ever existed in the first place. At this time, it’s hard to see what the reaction will be, but horror fans are going to be keeping an eye on it to see where it ends up. You can see the latest picture from the Child’s Play remake below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

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