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Chucky Goes Nuts in New Child’s Play TV Spot

Posted 2019/05/22 7 0

The Child’s Play Remake is now less than a month from hitting theaters. The studio has released a new TV spot for the remake and it declares that there is something wrong with Chucky, revealing playtime is over. There’s a lot going on in the 30 seconds of footage, from Andy getting the Buddi doll from his mother, to getting a retina scan, all the way to some knife play, along with some rope usage. Chucky isn’t messing around this time.

The marketing for the Child’s Play remake has seen Chucky taking aim at Toy Story 4, which also opens on June 21st. Chucky has been getting rather aggressive with Woody and Slinky Dog, roasting the latter over a fire. Those bits of promotion have arguably been better than the actual preview footage from the movie, which has yet to really catch a spark. Taking aim at the competition is helping the posters for the remake go viral, which is definitely a good thing since there is a pretty big faction of horror fans who want to avoid the movie.

With that being said, there are still some good things going for the Child’s Play remake. For one, they were able to get Mark Hamill to come in and provide the voice of Chucky. If Brad Dourif refuses to do it, Hamill is a great second option. Additionally, it would have been pretty easy to make the movie in the world of CGI. However, they decided to go the practical route this time around, which is also a wise choice. While the doll might not be exactly like what fans were hoping for, he does look pretty good.

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It took three to four puppeteers to bring Chucky to life in the Child’s Play remake, depending on the scene. This was not an easy task to accomplish, much like what Don Mancini did with the original movie over thirty years ago. Chucky was a real-life doll, not some computer effects, which made him even more terrifying when he was first introduced. The remake is hoping to gain a new set of younger fans who weren’t around to check out the original the first time around.

It’s going to be hard to come close to what Don Mancini pulled off with the original Child’s Play franchise. Mancini is currently working on a TV series and is not really happy with the studio’s decision to make a new movie while his franchise is still going strong. Whatever the case may be, the remake is happening and it’s preparing to hit theaters next month as it goes head-to-head with Toy Story 4. The remake isn’t going to set the box office on fire, but it could end up doing pretty well. While we wait to see, you can check out the latest Child’s Play TV spot below, thanks to the Orion Pictures YouTube channel.

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