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Clownado Trailer #2 Channels Sharknado But with Clowns for Some Reason

Posted 2019/05/13 9 0

We have a brand new trailer for Clownado to share. As the name implies, this is more or less a mashup of the Sharknado franchise, mixed with creepy clowns, in order to cash in on the popularity if IT, no doubt. This comes from Wild Eye Releasing, a company known for churning out such B-movies that are destined for Redbox. This is the same company behind other such unforgettable classics as The Jurassic Dead, Ghost Witch and Never Leave Alive. Now, we’ve got a new look at their latest creation.

The trailer itself is a baffling creation. We see several individuals, who all seem to be a genre movie stereotype of some sort or another, marveling at an oncoming tornado. Not long after, a few clowns very casually pop out of the supposedly deadly storm with ease. We then get a montage of these various killer clowns, who look like they would be right at home at an Insane Clown Posse show, doing their murderous deeds. Suffice it to say, this looks like stunning creation, for better or for worse.

Doing something like this makes all the sense in the world. IT grossed $700 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing horror movie ever in 2017, with the highly-anticipated sequel on the way later this year. Sharknado, meanwhile, went on to become a very unexpected hit franchise for SyFy, which recently concluded its run. Or so we’re told. Throwing those things together in a cheap direct-to-video horror movie seems like a certain way to grab some quick cash, if only for the sake of cashing in on people’s morbid curiosity.

As if the trailer didn’t make its connections clear enough, the poster looks like it could easily be for a yet-to-be-released Sharknado sequel. It also has a creepy clown standing front and center, holding a red balloon, similar to the ones associated with Pennywise. The poster boasts the following tagline, which naturally comes complete with a groan-worthy pun.

“It’s about to get twisted.”

Clownado centers on a group of cursed demonic circus clowns who set out on a vengeful massacre. In order to accomplish this, they naturally decide to use tornadoes. A stripper, an Elvis impersonator, a truck driver, a teen runaway, and a random dude get caught in the supernatural battle between femme fatale and the boss clown from hell. Director Todd Sheets is behind the flick. Some of his previous credits include Dreaming Purple Neon, House of Forbidden Secrets and Bonehill Road.

Scream queen Linnea Quigley, of Return of the Living Dead fame, toplines the cast. The movie also stars Eileen Dietz, Rachel Lagen, John O’Hara, and Joel D. Wynkoop. Todd Sheets penned the screenplay, in addition to directing. There is no firm release date for Clownado yet, but the movie is said to be arriving this summer. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the OC Trailers YouTube channel below.

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