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Does Disney’s Cruella Have a Post-Credit Scene?

Posted 2021/05/31 12 0


There used to be a time you could leave the cinema as soon as the credits began to role, safe in the knowledge that the story was done and dusted. These days the question most people are asking before the film even starts is will there be a post credit scene? With Disney’s Marvel movies leading the way in post-credit scenes and making them an expectation rather than the exception, it is not too much to expect Disney’s own Cruella to give fans a little bit extra, and they don’t disappoint. Read on for spoilers.

Everyone knows the Disney prequel looks at the early life of the 101 Dalmatians villain, and therefore came with the preconception that it would somehow end with a reference to the animated classic, which received a live action remake in the 90s starring Glenn Close as Ms de Vil. The post credit scene does do that in a big way, meaning that one way or another, we probably haven’t seen the last of Emma Stone’s Cruella.

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The movie spends much of its runtime detailing Cruella’s life before she became obsessed with Dalmatian fur. This includes her first meetings with Horace and Jasper, her life choice to become a small-time criminal, and her foray into the world of fashion while seeking revenge over her mother’s death. However, as the end credits start to roll, it is arguable that Cruella hasn’t quite become the crazed, villainess that is seen stalking the black and white puppies in 101 Dalmatians. So what happens in the post credit scene and where exactly is going to lead?

The scene, which pops up mid-credits, picks up from the end of the movie where Cruella discovers that one the Dalmatians she acquired from Emma Thompson’s Baroness following her arrest is pregnant with puppies. We discover that Cruella has sent two of the puppies as gifts to a certain Anita and Roger, along with cards introducing them to Perdita and Pongs respectively. We already know that the two dogs will end up bringing Anita and Roger together one day on a walk in the park, which in turn sets in motion the story of 101 Dalmatians.

From this scene, Disney have cleverly left themselves options of where they could go if they continue with Cruella’s story. They could make another stand-alone movie, which would further develop Cruella’s mania as she progresses towards all out pantomime villain, as by the end of this outing, she isn’t quite on board that crazy train just yet. The second option would be to go down the route Disney previous took with Maleficent, retelling the 101 Dalmatian story from Cruella’s point of view and potentially taking the liberty of turning her into another misunderstood character who wasn’t quite as bad as she was made out to be.

Reviews for the movie have been mixed, with some pointing out that Stone’s Cruella just doesn’t scare in the way that she should, others adding that there is something hollow about the film and it is a lot of style over substance, as well as numerous complaints that the runtime is probably 20 minutes longer than it needed to be. There have been some more positive reviews, most of which gave a general approval of the film being “entertaining” and “barking up the right tree”, as well as some who thought the more compassionate Cruella was more believable than her vile, animated counterpart.

In the end, box office takings will likely be a deciding factor in whether Disney decide to further delve into de Vil’s life or leave the story there. Taking into account the vast number of other characters and movies they already have in various stages of development for reboots and remakes, Cruella will probably have to earn her stripes – or spots as the case may be – before they greenlight any further movie outings in theaters or as an exclusive on Disney Plus.


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