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Don’t Ask Netflix to #ReleaseTheSynderCut of Army of the Dead, You’ve Already Seen It

Posted 2021/05/24 5 0


Netflix says the new release of Army of the Dead already is the Snyder Cut, so don’t even bother campaigning for a director’s cut release. After Snyder’s original cut of the superhero movie Justice League was drastically altered by new director Joss Whedon, fans lobbied for Warner Bros. to let the director release the famous “Snyder Cut” of the movie. In April, the four-hour extended cut premiered on HBO Max, proving the campaign to be successful.

This week, Snyder’s newest movie Army of the Dead premiered on Netflix. Many of his fans are enjoying the movie, which follows a group of mercenaries carrying out a heist in Vegas during a zombie outbreak. Because the movie is filled with some truly satisfying moments, many fans might be left wanting more, and given the Snyder Cut situation, some may wonder if there’s similarly a four-hour cut of Army of the Dead in the Netflix library as well. However, a recent tweet from Netflix says this is not the case.

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“Hope you all love Army of the Dead! Oh, and before you ask… this IS The Snyder Cut,” the tweet reads.

Despite what Netflix is saying here, there are some scenes that were shot for Army of the Dead that were not featured in the movie. During production, comedian Chris D’Elia had been cast in a key role and had shot several scenes. A look at his character was even revealed in a cast photo posted from the set by Dave Bautista in 2019. Weeks later, D’Elia was accused of sexual misconduct, resulting in his dismissal from the project.

Tig Notaro was then hired to replace D’Elia, but this posed a problem as a bulk of the movie had already been shot. Getting her into Army of the Dead required digitally inserting her into some scenes with CGI as well as using filming partners for limited reshoots for other scenes. Due to safety protocols, Notaro didn’t even meet lead star Dave Bautista throughout the entire production.

“I’ve never met Dave Bautista in my life,” Notaro said on The Late Show this week. “I have never met the man… It is me on green screen the whole time.”

There doesn’t seem to be any indication of additional deleted scenes beyond those featuring D’Elia, so we’re not seeing much of a movement for Netflix to release any cut scenes from Army of the Dead. Given the seriousness of the allegations against D’Elia, it’s probably best for everyone to leave it be and enjoy what’s been released. Fortunately, the response with Snyder’s fans has been largely positive, with many particularly enjoying Bautista’s performance.

Army of the Dead is directed by Zack Snyder, who co-wrote the script with Shay Hatten and Joby Harold. It premiered on Netflix on May 21 and is now available to stream on the streaming service. With a 148-minute runtime, there’s plenty of zombie-slaying mayhem to enjoy, and as Netflix has already suggested, don’t even bother asking the streamer for the “Snyder Cut” of the movie. The original tweet was posted by Netflix on Twitter.


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