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Endgame Set Video Revisits Robert Downey Jr.’s Final Day as Iron Man

Posted 2020/04/28 0

Robert Downey Jr.’s days as Tony Stark may be over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Avengers: Endgame directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have shared a loving tribute to the actor’s time in the role. The filmmaking duo has revealed a new video of Downey on set during his final day of filming, which just so happened to be after a very pivotal moment that has etched its way into the cinematic history books. The now-infamous “I am Iron Man” moment.

The Russo brothers recently participated in an online watch party for Avengers: Endgame in honor of its one year anniversary. Throughout the movie, they were sharing little behind-the-scenes glimpses and fun tidbits. At one point, they decided to share something truly special for longtime Marvel Cinematic Universe fans in the form of a video documenting the loving moments on set after Robert Downey Jr. shot his iconic moment. They shared the video with the following caption.

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“Downey’s last day on set after shooting the ‘I am Iron Man’ moment. The very definition of a legend. We love this man 3000.”

All of the cast and crew members on set are cheering for Robert Downey Jr. as he makes the rounds, offering hugs and handshakes. It is truly fitting that this moment happened on the actor’s last day of filming. At the very end of the battle to defeat Thanos and prevent him from wiping all existence off the map, Tony Stark gets the Infinity Stones, tricking the Mad Titan who thought he had them secured. Then, before snapping the villain and his army to dust, the hero recites, once again, with new meaning, the line that concluded the first entry in the MCU, 2008’s Iron Man.

The MCU has gone on to become a behemoth that has earned more than $22 billion at the global box office since its inception in 2008. So very much of that is owed to Robert Downey Jr. and his portrayal of Tony Stark. Downey was not a big start when that movie came out and Iron Man was not a well-known hero in the mainstream. It was a minor miracle that the movie became a hit and a true credit to Marvel Studios’ ability to keep the train moving in the right direction after that initial success.

There are few actors, save for perhaps a couple of RDJ’s co-stars, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who will be able to say they had a run like this with a particular role. Avengers: Endgame allowed Downey to go out on top and give fans a truly memorable final performance. While it’s possible we could see Tony show up in earlier versions of the timeline, with rumors of an appearance in Black Widow persisting, for example, this big moment will always mark the end of the hero’s journey for Iron Man. Be sure to check out the video for yourself from the Russo Brothers’ Twitter account.

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