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Extraction Expanded Cinematic Universe Is in the Works at Netflix

Posted 2020/12/07 3 0

2020 has been a tough year for films. But streaming content has become more popular than ever before. MCU alums Joe and Anthony Russo, and Chris Hemsworth got together with Netflix to create the action-adventure movie Extraction, which became one of the most popular pieces of original content Netflix has ever greenlit. Now, Joe Russo has revealed to Collider that the plan is to make not just sequels to Extraction, but spinoffs and team-up movies as well.

“I’m still not gonna commit because I think it’s more exciting to surprise people, but I will say this: we are working at building out a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first movie and some new characters, and see more historical interaction between the characters. So if you’re interested in David Harbour’s character, you just may get to see him in a future Extraction movie.”

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Based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Extraction tells the story of black market mercenary Tyler Rake, played by Hemsworth, a man struggling with a painful past and a violent present. Rake gets called in to rescue the son of an Indian drug lord from a rival gang in Dhaka, Bangladesh. What starts out as a simple extraction mission soon devolves into an ugly tussle between crime gangs and a corrupt police force, with Rake caught in the middle of it all.

David Harbour also featured in the movie as Gaspar, a former teammate of Tyler Rake who’s history was hinted at in the first film, but from Russo’s comments, that history might be expanded upon in the follow-up movies. Joe Russo also expressed his desire to take the Extraction cinematic universe forward in diverse and unexpected ways.

“We’re trying to find more interesting ways to tell these stories and cross-pollinate them. We’re big fans of just forging new paths in narrative. Can we go backwards and forwards at the same time? Can things that happened in the past affect the movies in the present? What are new ways to tell those stories? And can we see different points of view? Every antagonist is the protagonist in their own story, so can we see their point of view? How do they perceive the world? What makes them empathetic? I think what makes that a compelling element to the Extraction universe is it is a global franchise telling global stories, and we’d like to diversify the point of view in those movies.”

Fans of the action movie genre will no doubt be thrilled by the Russo’s plans. The action genre has seen precious little in the way of practical stunts and gritty, grounded storytelling for the longest time. Extraction has the potential to be the next John Wick franchise, but even bigger in scope, and with a more global cast of characters. For now, Russo concluded his statements by explaining, “the intention is to start rolling cameras on Extraction 2 sometime next fall. Chris is a busy guy so we have to figure out his schedule, but that’s the intent at the moment.” This news was first reported at Collider.

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