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Fans Are Going to Be Happy

Posted 2019/05/03 19 0

Tony Todd is teasing some pretty big Candyman news. The actor has had a bit of a rocky relationship with the new movie over the past several months, but things may be starting to look up. Back in March, director Nia DaCosta confirmed that Aquaman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was not replacing Todd in the movie, after several reports claimed that he was. DaCosta wouldn’t shed any more light on the situation, which led to speculation that Todd may be coming back.

Tony Todd made the Candyman famous back in 1992 and has played the character again in two more sequels, solidifying himself as a horror icon. When it was announced that Jordan Peele was producing a new Candyman, Todd hinted at his involvement, but later said he had zero contact with anybody about the new movie. Now, it looks like things may have changed yet again. Todd had this to say.

“In Jordan Peele’s case I really like what I’ve seen of his work so far. I have full confidence in that remake being in competent hands and he and I have talked. I can’t say anything further than that, but I think the fans are going to be happy.”

Tony Todd did not confirm nor deny he was taking part in the new Candyman, but it certainly seems like he will be. Not too long ago, Todd was angry about the new movie and for the fact that he had not been contacted to participate. However, after Nia DaCosta confirmed Todd was not being replaced, it has left a big door open, which might mean Todd is coming back. Obviously, this has yet to be confirmed, but it sure seems like something big is going down.

Even though Tony Todd seems like he would jump at the chance to work on the new Candyman, it has to be the right move for the actor. The story has to be right, according to Todd, and it seems like Jordan Peele has helped to create something he would like to be a part of. But what about the Final Destination franchise? Todd explains.

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Candyman and Final Destination were both successful franchises that I was a part of. I would be honored if I was asked to return again. It would be dependent on the script. I have no interest in doing something just to do it. If the script is new and challenging and provides new light on characters I have already established, I’d want to be part of that.”

Regardless, Tony Todd is an actor who is constantly working because he loves to do it. He claims that he has never made a ton of money over the years, but he isn’t running out of money either. He’s been able to put two kids through college, which isn’t a whole lot of people can say. Maybe some new Candyman money will help his retirement plan. We’ll just have to wait and see. The interview with Tony Todd was originally conducted by Forbes.

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