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Fantastic Beasts Actor Kevin Guthrie Is Going to Prison for Sexual Assault

Posted 2021/05/17 14 0


Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for sexual assault. The actor, probably best known for his role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, along with television series The English Game and The Sunshine On Leith, was found guilty and sentenced to three years for sexually assaulting a woman in a flat in Glasgow.

Mr. Guthrie had denied and subsequently pleaded not guilty to the charge, having informed the Glasgow Sheriff Court that he had only offered assistance to the unnamed female after she “fell ill.” The jury was however informed that Mr. Guthrie’s DNA was found inside the victim’s underwear. The sexual assault took place at the home of Scott Reid, a fellow actor best known for his role as Methadone Mick in the BBC series, Still Game, on the 30th September 2017.

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According to testimony, the 29-year-old-woman had planned to meet the pair (Guthrie and Reid) in a Glasgow bar. However, Mr. Reid received a phone call from a taxi driver informing him that the woman appeared ill and that she required assistance. Guthrie and Reid assisted the woman by returning with her to Reid’s flat in the Kelvindale area of Glasgow, placing her on a bed.

The court then heard how Guthrie was left alone in the bedroom with the woman as Reid had left the room in order to call the NHS 24 (Scotland’s national telehealth and telecare organization) in order to make sure that the woman was okay and would not require immediate medical assistance.

The woman stated in court:”I remember my top being lifted up and my bra being held down.”

Guthrie allegedly proceeded to grope the woman, said to have performed a total of three sexual acts upon her person. The court was also told how Guthrie would cease his activities whenever Reid re-entered the bedroom. According to the BBC report, Sheriff Tom Hughes told Guthrie, “The court must show that women can be protected from domestic sexual offenses.”

He added, “The offense you have been convicted of caused distress and consequences to the young woman involved in this case. She was unwell and thought her drink had been spiked elsewhere that night.” Guthrie has also been placed on the National Sex Offender Registry. The trial and sentencing casts another dark shadow on the British acting industry, and is a further controversy to rock British film and television.

This case adds to recent allegations made by twenty women against British actor-producer Noel Clarke, best known for his work as a writer and director in the Kidulthood trilogy, regarding sexual misconduct, including claims that he filmed “naked auditions.”

Added to this is the recent news that Doctor Who and Torchwood actor John Barrowman has had a future Torchwood audio drama project cancelled owing to sexual misconduct, namely he has been alleged to have repeatedly exposed himself on-set. This news originated at BBC.


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