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Fat Thor Is No More as the God of Thunder Gets Ready to Sweat in New Set Images

Posted 2021/06/05 18 0


There was certainly something about Thor: Ragnarok that captured the imagination of fans compared to its predecessor Thor: The Dark World – which I didn’t mind at all but many MCU regard as the weakest in the franchise. Whether it was the change of style, with a much more colorful visual appearance and less serious tone, or simply that Thor seemed to be becoming more fun to be around as he shared banter with Bruce Banner/Hulk, it looks like new leaks have revealed that Thor’s look may be getting another makeover in Thor: Love and Thunder. And it’s all a going even more ’80s.

While the new photos published in British newspaper The Daily Mail reveal nothing of interest in regards to the plot of the movie, it does give us a very good look at the Mighty Thor sporting a training outfit consisting of black vest, grey sweatpants and black boots, which is finished off brilliantly by red and white wristbands and headband. The snaps were taken while Hemsworth filmed scenes at Sydney’s Centennial Park. So it would seem that as well as Party Thor, we not have Sporty Thor. I’m sure we are only a couple away from starting a pop group.

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While on set, Chris Hemsworth was joined by one of his twins, though from the pictures it is unclear which twin it is. While Thor has a legion of fans, and Hemsworth himself has seen his popularity soar since playing the character, he recently revealed that despite being adored by many, Thor is still bested by Superman when it comes to one of his kids preferences. Last week, Hemsworth shared a picture on Instagram, joking that he was pleased he had other sons when he asked one of then what they wanted to be when they grew up, receiving the reply, “Superman.”

Thor: Love and Thunder has just completed filming this week, and is expected to follow a similar formula to the previous outing, with the usual narrative twists and turns, jokes and one-liners as well as some bright flashy sequences and, as this is Taika Waititi’s film again, there is no telling what kind of retro references and banging 80s pop and rock tunes are going to grace us this time around. I mean, come on, we still vividly remember Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song belting out as Thor realized he was the God of Thunder and not hammers in the final battle of Ragarok.

Following Avengers: Endgame, there was always a question of exactly how Thor would look when he returned in his fourth solo outing, and from these photos is seems to be certain that his Endgame persona has well and truly been put behind him, while it could well be that this 80s workout video look is exactly that – Thor getting back to his muscle-bound best by way of some tricky squats and a lot of sweat. I’m sure many won’t complain at that, but it should be said that if there isn’t some kind of workout video montage included – maybe with Star-Lord as head coach with a mixtape on the boombox – then I am going to be sorely disappointed at the missed opportunity. We will find out exactly how this all turns out when Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in cinemas in May 2022.


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