First Look at Katie Aselton in Skinemax Horror Parody Deep Murder

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Have you been missing Katie Aselton in The League ever since it came to a close on FX way back in 2015? I know I have. Mark Duplass’ better half has been seen in the occasional indie flick over the past couple of years, but she returns to her hardcore comedy and improv roots with the dangerous new parody Deep Murder. And she’s surrounded herself with a fine ensemble of comedic actors to back her up.

Screen Media has acquired North American rights to Deep Murder, the comedy horror directorial debut of Nick Corirossi, also starring Jerry O’Connell, Christopher McDonald, Chris Redd, Quinn Beswick, Josh Margolin, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Stephanie Drake. The film was written by Quinn Beswick, Josh Margolin, Benjamin Smolen and Nikolai Von Keller and premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival this past September. Screen Media is planning to release the film theatrically and on demand in the first half of 2019. Said Nick Corirossi about his film.

“I set out to make a film both funnier and more successful than Billionaire Boys Club and I have 100 percent accomplished that. Deep Murder is the [Star Wars Episode 1:] The Phantom Menace of softcore porn comedy horrors.”

The story is set in the alternate reality of a tacky soft-core porn film, where a group of increasingly self-aware stock characters are up against a mysterious killer offing them one by one. Said Producer Jesse Berger of Dark Web Productions.

“It is so great sitting in theaters where people are laughing uncontrollably. Nick made a film that bends and delivers in both the horror and comedy genres.”

Producer Eric B. Fleischman of Defiant Studios continued.

“When I first read this script, there was something nostalgic and risqué about this brand of humor, which is hard to find, but widely commercial.”

Said Seth Needle, SVP Worldwide Acquisitions at Screen Media.

“If my teenage self looked ahead and saw that I got to be part of this film, I’d be ecstatic. Nick and the team have made a really funny, unique movie that we literally can’t wait to work on.”

Deep Murder is produced by Dark Web Productions, Defiant Studios, and LIFE Entertainment, in association with Slated. Producers are Eric B. Fleischman, Andrew Swett, Jesse Berger, Brent Johnson, Drew Foster, and Patrick McErlean, and executive producers are Teddy Cabugos, Michael Yedwab, Craig Dobbin, Alan Sliper, Cary Anderson, and Christopher McDonald. Carl Braid is a co-executive producer and Josh Berger is co-producer. The deal was negotiated by Seth Needle, SVP of Worldwide Acquisitions at Screen Media, with ICM and CAA on behalf of the filmmakers.

Deep Murder isn’t the only self-aware parody of softcore porn. Way back in 2009, before he was Star-Lord or wrangling raptors, Chris Pratt starred in the Skinamax spoof Deep in the Valley, which also, unsurprisingly, made sure to get Deep in the title. That movie has a somewhat similar premise, with a mysterious video booth that transports two friends to an alternate reality straight out of a pornographic film. It’s definitely something you need to seek out and see. Especially if you’re a Chris Pratt fan. All these year’s later, it remains his most prolific piece of cinematic art.

I can’t yet say the same about Deep Murder, as I’ve yet to see it. But judging from this first look, it sounds like a winner. Plus we get to see Katie Aselton back doing what she does best. This sneak peek comes direct from Screen Media.

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