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Friday the 13th Reunion Movie 13 Fanboy Adds Original Final Girl Adrienne King

Posted 2019/04/21 14 0

The Friday the 13th reunion slasher movie 13 Fanboy has added yet another fan favorite to the cast, as actress Adrienne King has been confirmed for a cameo. Directed and co-written by Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning star Deborah Voorhees, 13 Fanboy is a passion project made specifically for Jason fans. With a very meta story, the movie will be about a homicidal psychopath murdering legends from the horror genre, mostly from the Friday the 13th series. A bulk of the cast will all be playing themselves, and there will even be multiple Jason actors in the movie who just wind up as victims this time.

Fans of the franchise remember King fondly as the very first final girl of the series. As camp counselor Alice Hardy, King’s character managed to survive the first Friday the 13th killing spree. Of course, the killer in the original movie wasn’t Jason, but his mother Mrs. Voorhees, expertly portrayed by the late Betsy Palmer. The massacre led to a final showdown by the lake where Alice ends the madness with a swift swing of a machete, lopping the murderer’s head clean off. Unfortunately for Alice, her survival was short-lived, as Jason tracks Alice down and murders her with an ice pick just minutes into Friday the 13th Part II.

Details on the Adrienne King cameo aren’t clear, but unlike most of the other stars attached, she may not be playing herself. This might be because the movie’s meta storyline hits a little too close to home for King. Back in the ’80s after appearing in Friday the 13th, the actress was targeted by an obsessive stalker who followed her around and even broke into her apartment. Reportedly, the man held a gun to King’s head at one point, leading to his arrest and incarceration. The trauma caused King to drop out of the public eye for many years, and she understandably had reservations about appearing in 13 Fanboy. However, with the support of so many fans hoping to see her as a part of the project, King agreed to appear in a special cameo role after discussing the details with director Deborah Voorhees.

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A who’s who of fan favorite horror stars are set to be joining King in the movie. Tons of Friday the 13th franchise stars will be portraying fictionalized versions of themselves in the movie. Confirmed at this point are Kane Hodder, Thom Mathews, Tracie Savage, Judie Aronson, Ron Sloan, Carol Locatell, Jennifer Banko, C. J. Graham, Corey Feldman, and even Andrew Leighty and Vincente DiSanti from the Friday the 13th fan film Never Hike Alone. Cujo star and beloved scream queen Dee Wallace will also be leading the cast, showing the movie’s killer is willing to horror stars outside of the Friday the 13th series as well.

As the project is still in pre-production, an official release date has not yet been set for 13 Fanboy. When the anticipated movie arrives, however, it goes without saying that it will be must-see for Friday the 13th fans. We’ll continue to follow its production to report on future updates. You can still donate to the project’s crowdfunding campaign and read more about it over at Indiegogo.

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