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Ghoulies Reboot Petition Started by Original Franchise Creators

Posted 2020/05/14 0

Those interested in seeing a Ghoulies reboot can act now. Franchise creators Luca Bercovici and Jefery Levy are backing a new petition that seeks to get this project made. Currently, Sony Pictures owns the rights to the horror franchise that kicked off in 1985. Now, Bercovici and Levy are hoping they can get the studio to let them give this one the reboot treatment.

The petition was recently launched via and is asking fans to rally behind the #ghouliesreboot campaign. They are seeking a modest 200 signatures, with 164 having signed, as of this writing. The petition will be sent to Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra, with the hopes of getting conversations started for a new Ghoulies movie. Luca Bercovici, who directed and co-wrote the original 1985 horror/comedy, had this to say.

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“Why A Ghoulies Reboot? Why Now? An entire generation of kids grew up with ‘Ghoulies’, and were by turns frightened, horrified, disgusted, and laughing out loud hysterically. ‘Ghoulies’ reach was, and is, legendary. Kids afraid to use the toilet for fear of the slimy green creature that may lurk below. ‘They Get You in the End’.”

“That tagline has resonated through the decades; legions of people of a certain age will recognize it immediately, mostly likely with a smile, for ‘Ghoulies’ is forever imbedded in that generation’s childhood, remembered almost fondly; that first time when they saw in the theater, or on the shelves at Blockbuster. ‘Mom, can we get “Ghoulies?’, was the bête noir of every mother in the 80’s”

The franchise has been dormant for nearly 26 years. Currently, Hollywood is in an era lousy with reboots and remakes, with nostalgia winning out over the competition. With that in mind, a Ghoulies reboot could potentially do quite well, if executed the right way, with the right method of distribution. Luca Bercovici, speaking further, had this to say.

“The Ghoulies themselves were fun, accessible, largely without guile, unabashedly they were what they were; primal little creatures, not inherently evil, but absorbed the characteristics of their ‘master’. The Ghoulies were like children; disgusting, green, and slimy, but weirdly cute, children with their own warped sense of humor.”

“Part of the fun of the movie was waiting to see what kind of ridiculously grotesque shenanigans they would get into next. ‘Ghoulies’ transcended its original generation and was embraced by the following generation who loved the weirdly strange and goofy world of the Ghoulies. The cult of ‘Ghoulies’ has grown legion of the decades; this legion of old fans and a whole generation of new fans crave for a new ‘Ghoulies’ for the new millennium”

The original Ghoulies centers on a man named Jonathan who inherits his father’s old house and moves in with girlfriend Rebecca. During a party, Jonathan performs a ceremony described in one of his father’s books on black magic, not taking it seriously. The ceremony unleashes a group of small, demonic creatures known as Ghoulies.

Three sequels were produced starting with 1988’s Ghoulies II. 1991’s Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College and 1994’s Ghoulies IV followed. If Luca Bercovici and Jefery Levy have their way, the little monsters will be back for more in the future. Your move, Sony. Those who wish to sign the petition and show their support for the proposed project can head on over to

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