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Gina Carano Fans Petition Disney to Reverse The Mandalorian Firing

Posted 2021/02/15 6 0

It seems very unlikely that we’ll ever see Gina Carano return to The Mandalorian as Cara Dune, but that isn’t stopping thousands of fans from signing a petition imploring for Disney and Lucasfilm to bring her back. Just days ago, it was announced by Lucasfilm that the company had severed ties with Carano with no plans to use the actress in any projects moving forward. Of course, this was due to the backlash surrounding Gina Carano’s controversial posts on social media.

While there were many who were happy to see Carano go, others feel that her Star Wars firing was undeserved. One fan has gone so far as to launch a petition on calling for Carano to be rehired, and it wasn’t long before the movement started to catch fire. As of this writing, over 24,000 names have been added to the petition with the numbers continuing to rise very rapidly.

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“I’m not going to say she was right or wrong with her views, but firing celebrities over their political views has been happening way too often, and once again, Hollywood has struck down another conservative,” writes the Gina Carano petition creator. “What she said may have been a little extreme, and I can even see why some people may have been offended, but her tweet was not made to incite violence or to express discrimination or hatred of any sort to any particular group.”

The petition description adds, “And now, once again, a beloved actress has been fired for speaking her mind. This petition is for the executives at Disney. Please, why can’t you just leave politics out of the industry and press on? The Mandalorian is a fantastic show, and Gina Carano’s portrayal of Cara Dune is a joy to watch. The Mandalorian wouldn’t be the same without her… Rehire Gina Carano. Firing her isn’t justice.”

Carano has long been outspoken with her conservative views on social media. Weighing in on issues like mask mandates and voter fraud, Carano often drew criticism online with some fans of The Mandalorian demanding her firing with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano. Last week, an Instagram post by Carano comparing “hating someone for their politicial views” to the persecution of Jews in the Holocaust reignited the #FireGinaCarano, resulting in Lucasfilm booting the actress.

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future,” the company said in a statement. “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

After she was dismissed by Lucasfilm, Carano announced that she would be developing, producing, and starring in a new movie for Ben Shapiro’s conservative website The Daily Wire. The movie will be released exclusively to members of the site as part of the company’s plan to expand their entertainment wing. No other details have been revealed about the project, but in any case, Carano has chosen to quickly move on.

We probably shouldn’t be holding our breath on Carano returning to The Mandalorian, regardless of how many signatures the petition pulls in. The petition for Disney to rehire Carano can be found at

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