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Give the Gift of Chucky with the New Child’s Play Remake Motion Poster

Posted 2018/12/23 33 0

Christmas is only a few days away and the promotional team for the upcoming Child’s Play Remake feel like giving. This slasher rehash receives a motion poster that features the shadow of new Chucky along with some holiday e-cards. We’ve been getting closer to the big reveal of the remake’s take on the iconic killing doll, which will see some pretty big changes from Don Mancini’s original movie.

The Child’s Play remake motion poster shows off a Christmas tree with some gifts underneath it. One of the gifts is a Buddi doll, but the doll is not resting inside the box. Instead, Chucky has ripped out of the packaging, and his shadow can be seen running back and forth. He can also be heard stabbing something or someone. It’s a pretty cool poster for the holiday season, but the majority of horror fans are still going to be on the fence about this remake.

In addition to the Child’s Play motion poster, visitors of the official website for the remake are able to download and share holiday e-cards, featuring a cartoon version of the new Chucky. The latest take on the character looks pretty much like the original, but it is tweaked a bit. The character has bigger, almond-shaped eyes this time around and you can send your friends and loved ones holiday cards with the character holding a bloody knife, holding a candy cane and gift with bloody footprints behind him, or standing on the roof of a snow covered house with a bloody bag.

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Upon further inspection of the Child’s Play remake website, users can get a better idea of what this version of Chucky will be all about. Instead of being the serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler whose soul is transferred inside a Good Guy doll, the remake takes more of a modern approach, teasing all of the technological advancements, which will later be used for evil. The Buddi doll has Wi-Fi, multiple cameras for interaction, facial and voice recognition, GPS, and the ability to speak English and Spanish. This version of Chucky is going to have more in common with SkyNet than the supernatural when it hits theaters.

Child’s Play creator Don Mancini is not happy about the remake that is currently in the post-production process. Mancini is in the middle of developing a TV series for the franchise and has never rebooted the iconic character, which means that everything has continuity from the very first movie. This new remake could end up hurting Mancini’s reputation, even though he declined to work on the movie. Additionally, the remake could be in direct competition with anything else that Mancini makes from here on out. You can check out the motion poster for the remake below and head over to Best Buddi to download and send your Chucky holiday cards.

<strong><em>Child's Play Remake</em></strong> poster

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