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God of War Movie & TV Show Are Not Happening at Sony Right Now

Posted 2021/05/25 3 0


Sony has dashed the hopes of God of War fans by confirming they are not currently developing either a movie or TV show based on the popular action game. While a new God of War game is expected to drop before the end of 2021, there have been many rumors over the past months that Sony could be about to announce a tie-in movie or TV series, but a new article in the New York Times has confirmed that there are no plans to develop the game in either way.

The article, which focuses on Sony Pictures’ upcoming releases, discussed such anticipated video game based adaptations as HBO’s The Last of Us to the long delayed Unchartered movie, and it is the studio’s recent emphasis on turning some of their biggest Playstation franchises into big and small screen offerings that led many to speculate that God of War could well be next on the list.

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While not ruling out the possibility arising in the distant future, a Sony representative categorically ruled out any current plans for moving forward with a transfer to TV or film for the God of War series. While this may not be news fans have been wanting to hear, that does not mean Sony’s slate of upcoming game to screen adaptations is lacking in notable titles. As well as The Last of US and Uncharted, there are two other projects in early development at the studio with a TV series of the Twisted Metal series of games and a feature movie of Ghost of Tsushima moving along towards production soon.

With the recent Sonic The Hedgehog movie receiving more favorable reviews than expected, and the Mortal Kombat reboot doing reasonable business even with many flaws, it is unlikely that Sony are going to sit on any of their own franchises with game-based movies clearing having some kind of resurgence and their Playstation Productions film studio having done very little since its creation in 2019. Video games have provided the basis for many successful movies such as Resident Evil and its many sequels and the recent Pikachu movie, based in part on the Nintendo game series. However, the past decades have also given us Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter and others that have their loyal devotees, but on the whole didn’t provide the major hits that they were expected to.

Reports going back to December 2020 have speculated on which Playstation titles could be getting the movie treatment, with many mentions of God of War among them, and Bloodborne being another title with potential. Much of the speculation over which of Sony’s games could be in development stemmed from a CNBC interview with Sony Pictures’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Vinciquerra, in which he disclosed that there were currently 3 movies and 7 TV series in various stages of development, but did not go on to provide any information on which of their popular titles these could be based on, allowing fans to make up their own ideas of the games they would like to see make the jump to the big screen. The titles appearing on fan’s lists ranged dramatically from family friendly, Sonic-esque Crash Bandicoot to the adult-aimed horror Until Dawn, and the military action shooter Killzone just some of those with the potential either please or upset a fan base depending on how well the translations are received. This news originated at The New York Times.


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