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Godzilla 2 Monster Fights Won’t Hold Back Promises Director

Posted 2018/12/12 34 0

Expect to see a whole bunch of monster action in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The highly-anticipated sequel just debuted a second action-packed trailer recently and it’s got fans feeling anxious and ready for more of the classic Toho creation on the big screen. But unlike the first Godzilla, this movie isn’t going to subvert the monster fights, promises director Michael Dougherty. Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about it in a recent interview.

“We have a lot of monsters. I think Gareth [Edwards] had a lot of fun playing cat-and-mouse and I love the slow-build he created. But we definitely take the gloves off for this film. No holding back.”

The trailers for Godzilla 2 have already made it quite clear that the movie is basically going to be an all-out monster brawl, but this makes it inescapably clear. As Michael Dougherty points out, director Gareth Edwards took a very different approach to his entry in the franchise, which reinvented it for American audiences. Edwards largely chose to subvert the action, which led to viewers observing the monsters from a very different vantage throughout most of the movie. The most famous example likely being the airport fight that we only got to see on a TV screen for a brief moment, which might have made for an exciting set piece.

While some moviegoers really took to the approach in the first movie, many wanted more direct carnage. And that’s exactly what Michael Dougherty is going to give us. Not only that, but he’s not creating new threats for the titular character to go up against. Several other fan-favorite monsters are being introduced in this installment including Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. By the looks of things from the footage we’ve seen, it’s going to be a two-on-two match, with Godzilla and Mothra in one corner and Rodan and King Ghidorah in the other.

One can practically hear someone yelling “let’s get ready to rumble” when picturing it. That’s not to say that human characters won’t have an important role to play in all of this. Both Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe are reprising their roles from the first movie to help anchor it. However, we’re largely going to focus on a new group of humans. Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, Thomas Middleditch, Ziyi Zhang and O’Shea Jackson Jr. are amongst the new cast members joining the franchise in the sequel.

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The two prior entries in what Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have dubbed the MonsterVerse, Godzilla and last year’s Kong: Skull Island, both were quite successful, with each grossing north of $500 million worldwide. The studio also recently entered production on Godzilla vs. Kong, which will see the two titans duking it out on the big screen in a grudge match for the ages. But prior to that, we’ve got Godzilla: King of the Monsters coming our way on May 31, 2019. This news was first reported by Total Film.

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