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Halle Barry Is Dying to Know If You Want a B.A.P.S. Sequel

Posted 2019/01/11 14 0

Is it finally time for a B.A.P.S. sequel? It’s been 22 years since the movie hit theaters and earned the super rare zero stars from iconic film critic Roger Ebert, and director Robert Townsend is teasing that a sequel might be on the way. Star Halle Berry also posted about the sequel idea on social media, which has started to gain some momentum. Although the movie was seen as a box office and critical flop (it currently holds a 16% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes), it has become a cult classic over the years.

Earlier this week, B.A.P.S. director Robert Townsend talked about the movie on social media. The basic premise revolved around Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle’s characters as they traveled to Hollywood to open up a hair salon/soul food diner. Once in Hollywood, they end up taking care of aging millionaire, Mr. Blakemore, played my Martin Landau. Not too many people have talked about a sequel or remake, but Townsend posed the question on Twitter. He had this to say.

“I directed B.A.P.S. starring Halle Berry and written by Troy Beyer. With all the reboots going on, here’s the question of the day. Would you go see a sequel to B.A.P.S.?”

Halle Berry saw Robert Townsend’s tweet, shared it, and then said, “What do you guys think?!” While most of the responses to Townsend’s idea of a B.A.P.S. sequel were overwhelmingly positive, most of the responses on Berry’s tweet were a little negative about the idea. However, it seems that people would like to finally see a sequel or remake after all of these years, and some are even holding out for Townsend to make a sequel to The Meteor Man.

Troy Beyer probably doesn’t want to come on board for a B.A.P.S. sequel. The movie cost $10 million and only made $7.3 million at the box office, while getting torched by critics. Beyer claims that Townsend took her written word and changed it to his liking, admitting that she was horrified when she saw the final cut. Beyer said that by the time that she saw the movie, it was too late to have her name removed from the project. It has been 22 years, so maybe she has changed her line of thinking since then.

Roger Ebert called B.A.P.S. “jaw-droppingly bad,” which was actually pretty kind compared to what else he had to say about the movie. While it wasn’t well-received, it did become a cult classic and it gave Halle Berry some much-needed laughs. At the time of filming, the actress was going through a divorce and her world was full of darkness. Robert Townsend convinced her to star in the movie and the rest is history. Berry has since called acting in B.A.P.S. as a form of therapy for her. In the time of sequels, reboots, and remakes, it might be time for more B.A.P.S. You can see the tweet that started it all below, thanks to Robert Townsend’s Twitter account.

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