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Henry Cavill Is the MCU’s Wolverine in New X-Men Fan Art

Posted 2021/05/28 4 0


Henry Cavill has been busy recently, having just finished his stint as Superman in the DCEU as well as staring as the lead in The Witcher, playing Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes and being announced for the reboot of Highlander. That doesn’t mean some fans haven’t got ideas of what other roles he could manage to squeeze into his hectic schedule: in this case , Marvel’s Wolverine.

While there are few actors who haven’t been a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, there are only a handful of actors who have had major roles in both that and DC’s Extended Universe. That said, as new characters appear and the list of A-List stars to have not already taken on one of Marvel’s heroes depletes, would it be too far-fetched to see the likes of Cavill step into the MCU in the future? With the X-Men franchise now safely under the control of Disney, it is only a matter of time before the hunt is on for some replacement actors to take on the mutant renegades, and the speculation on Wolverine in particular is going to be a hot topic for a few years to come.

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Until then, we can feast our eyes on what could happen if Henry Cavill were to take on the role formerly dominated by Hugh Jackman in every movie from the original X-Men through to Logan, when he seemingly took his bow as the blade-knuckled fan favourite. Artist shared an image on Instagram featuring a concept of Cavill in a new version of the Wolverine costume, flexing his claws for good measure. The artist, who originally posted the image back in April 2020, commented “As weird of a choice as it is, I love the idea of @henrycavill as Wolverine! I would love to see this suit in the MCU.”

In recent months, many of the barriers and rolls of red tape that prevented Marvel Studios bringing the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU have been broken down as Disney bought up Fox and the game board changed dramatically. We have already seen the teasers beginning for the arrival of the Fantastic Four, so it is safe to assume that sometime in the next few years we will know more about what the MCU’s X-Men will look like. Based on the timeline, there are some that would expect someone younger than Cavill to be considered for the role of Wolverine, but I’m sure the the same could be said of Robert Downey Jr’s arrival as Iron Man over a decade ago.

Depending how the casting goes, when the time comes, it could be a case that fans of’s artwork may have to console themselves with this image as their only sight of this particular crossover. Would you be happy to see Cavill cross the floor from DC to Marvel? Or is there someone who could equal or, heaven forbid, outperform Jackman in the role? Only time will tell, but the longer we wait for the arrival of a new Wolverine in the MCU, the lower the chances of Cavill being in contention for the role when it arrives.


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