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If It Follows 2 Happens, Maika Monroe Definitely Wants to Be There

Posted 2020/04/28 0

Will an It Follows sequel ever happen? That remains to be seen. If such a thing does happen, star Maika Monroe is game to return. Monroe had a star-making turn in the 2015 critically-acclaimed horror movie, which served as the directorial debut from David Robert Mitchell. Either way, Moroe is eager to work with Mitchell again, should the opportunity present itself.

Maika Monroe is currently promoting her new Quibi series The Stranger. During a recent interview, the actress was asked about the possibility of It Follows 2 and whether or not the proposed sequel is something she would be interested in doing. Monroe described the prospect of working with David Robert Mitchell again as a dream. Here’s what she had to say about it.

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“I would absolutely love to work with David again. That would be a dream, but, you know, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

It Follows originally made the festival rounds in 2014 and was met with near-universal praise from critics. The inventive horror/thriller was a relatively modest success at the box office, bringing in $23 million against a $2 million budget, but its legacy extends far beyond those numbers. Taking everything into account, a sequel doesn’t seem all that crazy. Speaking further, Maika Monroe talked a bit more, in broad terms, about the movie’s influence.

“It’s been a crazy ride. Being a part of It Follows, there’s so many movies that have changed the horror genre, but I know that It Follows is such a massive influence and this change of the genre, which was so cool to be a part of, and so many people really connected with that film. For me, with these projects, all I can do is give the most honest performance and I don’t look at it necessarily as a horror film or thriller or this or that. It’s just me really falling into this character and bringing as much truth as I can so that people can really fall into the story.”

It Follows centers on a teenager named Jay who sleeps with her new boyfriend for the first time. However, she quickly discovers that she has become the recipient of a deadly curse that is passed to its victims through sexual intercourse. Jay learns that death will creep slowly toward her no matter where she goes, taking the shape of other people, be it a friend or strange. Jay’s friends refuse to believe her at first, until things get all too real, forcing them to band together in an attempt to stop the evil entity.

In the years since, Makia Monroe has gone on to star in major movies such as Independence Day: Resurgence, as well as other acclaimed indies like Honey Boy and Villains. Unfortunately, David Robert Mitchell’s sophomore effort, Under the Silver Lake, was dumped by A24 to home video after an extremely minimal theatrical release. For now, Mitchell has no confirmed projects in the works so he is technically free to pursue a sequel, should he so choose. This news comes to us via

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