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Jason Alexander Offers to Play Penguin in The Batman with a Seinfeld Reference

Posted 2019/10/20 0

With the cast of The Batman filling out, Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has volunteered himself to be cast as Penguin. Recently, it had been reported Jonah Hill was in talks for an unspecified role, and it was rumored he might be playing the next big screen version of Oswald Cobblepot. Negotiations apparently fell through as Hill opted not to take part in the project, and as of now, the role of Penguin still hasn’t been cast. Seeing an opportunity, Alexander took to Twitter to tease himself for the role, pointing out the similarities between Penguin and George Costanza, who once pretended to be a marine biologist on a legendary episode of Seinfeld. You can take a look at his tweet below.

Of course, Jason Alexander is more than likely joking here, merely referencing the Seinfeld episode “The Marine Biologist” to the delight of big fans of the series. However, the suggestion has generated a lot of attention on Twitter, with many of Alexander’s fans admitting they would be on board with such a casting choice were it to actually happen. Certainly, it’s not terribly difficult to picture Alexander wearing a monocle along with a top hat, and he probably wouldn’t be the worst choice for Penguin. Still, it would seem actually seeing him appear in The Batman is a long shot, no matter how amusing the suggestion is.

As far as who’s actually been cast in The Batman, three names have officially been signed on to the project so far. Of course, Robert Pattinson was cast long ago in the titular role, which has brought about a variety of opinions from fans of the Caped Crusader. Critics have lambasted the decision by pointing to Pattinson’s reputation as a sparkling vampire from the Twilight movie series. Meanwhile, others have praised casting Pattinson in the role, pointing to his many dramatic performances in other movies which have gone unseen by his critics. Perhaps anyone with any doubts should check out Pattinson in his new movie The Lighthouse, as the actor’s performance in the movie will reportedly place him in the running for a Best Actor Oscar.

Meanwhile, The Batman has also found its Catwoman in Zoe Kravitz, as the Big Little Lies star will portray Selina Kyle in the upcoming movie. The Riddler has also been confirmed for the movie, with Love & Mercy star Paul Dano stepping into the role of the well-known supervillain. Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright has also been reported to be in talks to play Commissioner James Gordon in the flick, though he has yet to officially sign on. As we come closer to production, more names should be officially announced as a part of the cast for The Batman very soon.

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From director Matt Reeves, The Batman is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. Time will tell if this new take on the classic DC character will see the same levels of success as Joker, which has been drawing hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales across the world since its release. This news comes to us from Jason Alexander on Twitter.

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