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Jason Momoa Wants Wonder Woman & the Flash in Aquaman 2

Posted 2018/12/18 17 0

Jason Momoa wants to see Arthur Curry team back up with Wonder Woman and The Flash in Aquaman 2. Things are looking up for the DC Universe these days. Justice League didn’t quite meet expectations when it was released last year, and that put pressure on Aquaman to deliver the goods. Early buzz on the movie has been very positive so far and thus, Warner Bros. is already in early development on a sequel. Now, Momoa has revealed who he wants to see in the sequel.

Aquaman finally arrives in theaters this weekend, but Amazon Prime members already had the chance to catch an early screening over the weekend and critics have seen the movie as well. The response has been quite a bit more positive, when compared to Justice League, but it does largely serve as a standalone with few connections to the larger DC Universe. But when asked which heroes he would like to see in the sequel, Jason Momoa seems ready to bring Diana Prince and Barry Allen into his new life as the King of Atlantis. Here’s what he had to say about it in a recent interview.

“I think Wonder Woman would be pretty rad too. Flash and Wonder Woman would be my first two. I don’t want to pick one, so I’ll pick two.”

Aquaman was first introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the email scene that contains video files on the other heroes that are out there in the world. It was last year in Justice League that we were introduced to the hero in a proper way. Arthur Curry was recruited to fight alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and, briefly at the end, Superman, to defeat Steppenwolf.

But the Aquaman solo movie really does remove him from the larger DC universe and sets him on his own journey. There is no telling where Aquaman 2 could ultimately go at this point, considering the first movie hasn’t even been released in North America yet. But why not throw Gal Gadot in the mix as Wonder Woman? She’s already proven to be a huge box office draw on her own and pairing the two could work nicely. As for The Flash, we’re still waiting to see his solo movie get going, so why not throw Ezra Miller in there and give him something to do?

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Warner Bros. should be feeling confident as Aquaman has already made $266 million overseas ahead of its North American debut this weekend, where it opens against Bumblebee and will also have to contend with Mary Poppins Returns. Still, it’s expected to win the weekend and the cash, coupled with the mostly positive buzz, should help pave the way quite nicely for Aquaman 2. And maybe, just maybe, Arthur can bring along some of his DC pals for his next undersea adventure. This news was first reported by Collider.

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