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Jennifer Carpenter Haunts Mickey Rourke in Supernatural Thriller She’s Still Here

Posted 2021/06/19 31 0

Mickey Rourke, who was nominated for an Academy Award for The Wrestler, and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter fame will star in an upcoming horror movie. The project, titled She’s Still Here, is being developed by Archstone Entertainment. It will have a launch at the Cannes virtual market.

Writing duties will be conducted by Martin Gomez. The Gaudioso twins will serve as the co-directors. A synopsis explains that the story is about, “A desperate widower who is being tormented by the vengeful spirit of his deceased wife. Exasperated, he enlists the aide of his ghost-hunting nephew to decipher the haunting’s meaning and bring peace to his household.”

The premise sounds like an intriguing one. Questions such as, “Why is the spirit vengeful?” have yet to be revealed. Rourke and Carpenter are two acclaimed actors who can showcase their talents in their upcoming performances.

Production is expected to begin in the fall of this year. The role of producers will be filled by a multitude of people, including Lisa Bruhn of Tenacious Films, James and Anthony Gaudioso, and Scott Martin, Michael Slifkin, and Jack Sheehan of Archstone.. Kimberly Hines will work as the executive producer, while Sophie Rose Berry will be an associate producer.

Acting veteran Mickey Rourke is additionally working on the upcoming MacGruber tv show. The series, inspired by the movie, which was itself based on an Saturday Night Live sketch, will air on Peacock. He received critical acclaim for his Oscar and Golden Globe nominated performance in The Wrestler. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will recognize him as Whiplash, the main antagonist of Iron Man 2. Other noteworthy roles include Sin City, Angel Heart and Rumble Fish. He has yet to work on a horror project. However, an actor with his talents can surely adjust to working in a new genre.

Jennifer Carpenter recently finished production on upcoming project A Mouthful of Air. For that story, she will star alongside another acting veteran in Paul Giamatti, as well as Amanda Seyfried, who has had her fair share of roles. Jennifer Carpenter has received many Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for her portrayal of Debra Morgan on Dexter. Additionally, she has experience in supernatural horror productions. In 2005, she played a potentially possessed woman in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. A positive the upcoming film has going for it is the actor who has done previous work within the subgenre.

The horror genre has proven to be one of the most popular today. A Quiet Place Part 2 became the highest grossing domestic release since the pandemic started. Several of the most anticipated projects of the summer are horror based. These include Candyman, Don’t Breathe 2 and the Escape Room sequel. Later this year, the Edgar Wright directed Last Night in Soho will finally come out. Many films in the genre have made well over $100 million. The subgenre of supernatural horror, which the upcoming movie will be a part of, has shown to be equally beloved. The Conjuring series is a cinematic universe, arguably the most successful one that does not involve any superheroes. She’s Still Here could prove to be another title that connects with critics and audiences alike.

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