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John Krasinski Reacts to Re-Promoting A Quiet Place 2 a Year After It Was Pulled from Theaters

Posted 2021/05/24 10 0


John Krasinski recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his upcoming film A Quiet Place Part II. With his appearance at the show, which is yet to return to live studio, Krasinski became the first in-person guess on it since the pandemic hit and sent the entire industry under intense lockdown, production halts, and studio shutdowns. Reminiscing how the year went and shedding some details on his upcoming film which he wrote and directed, there was too much the guts talked about.

John Krasinski on promoting A Quiet Place Part II on Stephen Colbert’s show and coming full circle

After John Krasinski showed up, they sat across each other on mildly distanced chairs, and Stephen Colbert emphasized how Krasinski’s appearance, the first in-person one in many months has taken his show full circle. He remembered that John was his last in-person guest on the show when he came to talk about the same movie, which was actually due release in March 2020. It was right after that appearance that the worldwide shutdown of theatres led Krasinski to delay the film. With John being the first guest to come in person on The Late Show, things seem to take off right where they left off.

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Krasinski on release delays and theater re-openings

Krasinski wrote and developed a follow-up to A Quiet Place, which was also co-written and directed by him and had a fully finished film awaiting release in March 2020. The film, however, was eventually delayed for more than a year, and now is slated to release globally in theatres (where the restrictions are lifted) on Memorial Day, May 28th. Reflecting on his decision of delaying the film, he said,

Krasinski has been clear about the fact that he always have wished for the audience to watch his film in the theaters. Earlier this week, Krasinski surprised some fans at an AMC 24 in Miami, Florida, who visited theaters to watch his film. Addressing the crowd, he said,

“Now that people feel comfortable, it is so exciting to me that people are coming back to the theaters. So, yes, please come see my movie but go see any movie.”

Greg Daniels’ Advice to John Krasinski When Stephen Colbert, who said that he has watched the movie, asked John about how he managed to create a perfect amalgamation of “deeply moving human story and horror”, Krasinski cited that he took advice from his long time friend and creator of Krasinski’s shot-to-fame comedy series The Office.

Krasinski told Colbert that he remembered what Greg Daniels once told him when he was shooting for The Office when he was nervous about a sequence that was intended to be extraordinarily hilarious. Greg Daniels had said to John,

“[Don’t] deliver anything funny; deliver it and let people decide whether it’s funny or not. You just do the character and if they fall in love with you, they’ll go on any ride.”

Krasinski cited that he used this advice from Greg while filming his movies. He dedicated more efforts in developing characters in a way that audience love them and their bond with each other, which eventually helped the film become more connected to the viewers and aligned the characters’ fear of death at the hands of those creatures with the audiences’ emotions. Krasinski added,

“I literally thought of him [Greg] when they said direct a horror movie, instead, I just did a family drama and trojan horsed it as a horror movie because I thought you’ll be more scared if you fall in love with these characters.”

On working with wife Emily Blunt

“The truth is I think she’s the most talented actress we have. She’s just the most unbelievably talented person but also, more than acting, she’s just an incredible person to have on set.”

This is what John Krasinski said on working with his wife as a co-star and as her director. A Quiet Place which John intended to be a love letter to his children was made success due to the real-life bond between John Krasinski and Emily Blunt brought to life given their deeper connect to each other as husband and wife. Emily Blunt, who reprises her role from the first team as Evelyn Abbott, received critical praise for her performance and went on to win Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

A Quiet Place Part II: What to expect

Colbert who had watched the movie prior to the interview with John Krasinski described the film as the most frightening he’d ever seen. The film’s trailer shows that the Abbott family would now be forced to leave their compromised compound and its safety and travel through the dangerous terrains to safety. The film will also take us back to the initial invasion of creation through flashback sequences. How A Quiet Place Part II will favor its predecessor, would be a treat to watch.

A Quiet Place Part II will feature Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe reprising their roles as Abbott children while Cillian Murphy plays another outside wanderer Emmett. Djimon Hounsou also joins the rest of the cast. The film is solely written and directed by John Krasinski, who will also reprise his role as Sean Abbott from the previous film, which was also directed by him. A Quiet Place Part II will release May 28th in the United States.


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