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Jumanji 3 Wraps Production as Kevin Hart & The Rock Share Final Set Videos

Posted 2019/05/06 11 0

Jumanji 3 has officially wrapped production. Kevin Hart released what seemed like a touching video at the beginning, only for it to turn into a profanity fest at the end. In other words, the comedian was doing exactly what he does best and his caption of the video is what he really means. Production started back on Valentine’s Day (February 14th} when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared the first picture from the set. Since then, we’ve seen a few other behind-the-scenes teases, but the storyline is still very much a mystery.

Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Dwayne Johnson are all featured in the Jumanji 3 production wrap video. Hart is holding his phone to film everything, thanking the cast and the crew, only to later go on claim that they’d all be nowhere if it weren’t for him and his talents. It’s a pretty funny video and worth checking out. You can read what Hart had to say about the cast and crew below.

“That is a picture wrap on Jumanji… Wooooww where do I even start. This opportunity is an actual dream come true…You can’t plan for something like this to happen. It just happens… I am so thankful for this amazing cast… Our days are so much fun because of our chemistry… All of you are such good people and I honestly love you. Our movies pops on screen because we pop in person… Shout out to Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Dwayne Johnson… we did it guys…This movie will be bigger and better than our last one… Thank you to our wonderful director/Leader Jake Kasdan… you’re the real deal and deserve all of the success that is coming your way… Thank you to Tom Rothman & Sony Pictures for believing in us & funding this monster of a project… Thank you to Matt Tomach & all of our other producing partners that were involved & our amazing camera crew & crew in general. To my brother from another mother Dwayne Johnson… our bond & friendship is unreal man… Love u champ… let’s keep pushing & keep motivating one another to be the best that we can possibly be…’Hardest Workers In The Room.'”

Dwayne Johnson took a different approach and didn’t mention the fact that Jumanji 3 had wrapped. Instead, he focused on the hard work the cast and crew did and then thanked all of the fans that were waiting for him at the airport. Johnson truly appreciates his fans and what they have given him over the years. He had this to say.

“Gotta tell ya after a long, long week of flying in and out for work daily and averaging 4hrs sleep a night and dog tired – surprises like these fans waiting by the jet to say goodbye means a helluva lot and has that powerful way of giving me energy and mana to keep on keepin’ on. Thank y’all for being the best fans in the world. See ya down the road.”

In addition to the returning cast members, Jumanji 3 also features Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians), Danny DeVito (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon). They all get shout outs in Kevin Hart’s production wrap video, but it’s bit hard to hear with all of the yelling going on. With such an awesome cast, it’s going to be very interesting to see how everything works with a new storyline when all is said and done.

Jumanji 3 was announced right after the enormous success of 2017’s Welcome to the Jungle. They were able to take the source material of the original movie and make something completely new with it, while retaining the spirit of the original. With that being said, fans have been wondering how they are going to be able to revisit the storyline again after doing it so well the first time around.

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Jumanji 3 does not have an official title at this time, but it will be released on December 13th of this year. Now that production has wrapped, we should end up getting our first look at the highly anticipated sequel in the near future. While we wait, you can check out the production wrap announcement below, thanks to Kevin Hart’s Instagram account.

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