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Junkie XL Will Score Terminator 6: Dark Fate Soundtrack

Posted 2019/03/23 25 0

It has been revealed that Junkie XL is reuniting with director Tim Miller to score Terminator: Dark Fate. The upcoming sequel marks the first time that James Cameron has been involved with the franchise since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Cameron is on board as producer, while Miller directs and it will ignore all of the installments post T2, which has been seen as a good thing by many fans of the Terminator franchise. Miller previously collaborated with Junkie XL for the Deadpool score in 2016.

Junkie XL, aka Tom Holkenborg, is excited to be working on Terminator 6. The composer has been a part of a ton of cool projects over the years, but getting to work on the Terminator franchise with the return of James Cameron is a pretty big deal. Holkenbog does not take this opportunity for granted. Holkenborg released a statement, which you can read below.

“It’s great to be working on another project with Tim. The original Terminators were such iconic movies, and having James back as a producer with Tim directing is an amazing dream team. It’s going to be a fantastic movie to be part of.”

Junkie XL is the composer behind the scores of Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Tower, and Alita: Battle Angel. In addition to being an in-demand composer, he is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, and engineer. Junkie XL was widely known for his trance productions, but he later moved to producing electronica and big beat music, and then finally moving to scoring. He was arguably best known in pop culture for his 2002 remix of Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation,” but his compositions have since taken over.

The official title of Terminator 6 was finally revealed earlier this week to be Terminator: Dark Fate. James Cameron had previously revealed the title to be a working title, but that may have been a goof. Cameron seems to have had some trouble with official titles for his projects coming out ahead of time. Just recently, some mysterious titles for the highly anticipated Avatar sequels leaked and the director/producer later confirmed that they were real, but admitted that they might change over time, which probably means that they won’t change.

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Terminator 6 hits theaters on November 1st, which means that we might get our first look at the sequel in the coming weeks. Along with James Cameron, the movie also sees the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, who will more than likely be passing the torch to the younger members of the cast to keep the franchise moving forward. Junkie XL has probably already started as Tim Miller continues to edit everything together. The process should move pretty quickly since the two have worked together in the past. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the Terminator 6 Junkie XL news.

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