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LAPD, NYPD Give Props to John McClane in Die Hard Christmas Shout Out

Posted 2018/12/26 20 0

Die Hard takes place on Christmas Eve and the LAPD and NYPD took some time out of their holiday night to pay tribute to the Christmas movie. The action movie has been hailed as a holiday classic for years now, but it’s only lately that the studio and co-writer Steven E. de Souza have been embracing the title. Souza confirmed that the iconic action movie was a Christmas movie last year. Fox just released a 30th anniversary Christmas version of the movie, which includes holiday cards. In other words, the debate is finally over.

While many people were spending time with their families on Christmas Eve, the LAPD and NYPD were still working overtime, like John McClane, to make sure that a character like the villainous Hans Gruber can’t create a hostage situation in real-life. With that being said, the respective police departments had a little free time to post a tribute to Die Hard on social media. The LAPD had this to say.

“On this Christmas Eve, we too would like to acknowledge our partners at (the) NYPD for their continued partnership-they’ll always be more than welcome to follow in McClane’s footsteps & come to the (better) coast & have a party. Yippie Ki Yay & ho ho ho.”

The LAPD finished their post with the hashtag: “Yes It’s a Christmas Movie.” The NYPD posted a similar tweet, but unfortunately, they fell into the common trap of spelling John McClane’s name wrong in their hashtag. Instead of McClane, they spelled it McLean, which is unfortunate, but understandable. You can read the NYPD’s tribute to Die Hard below.

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“On this Christmas Eve, we’d like to acknowledge our partners at LAPDHQ who have been working with us to protect Christmas since Hans Gruber’s 1988 attack on Nakatomi Plaza.”

The NYPD started the Christmas Eve Die Hard tributes and originated the “Yes It’s a Christmas Movie” hashtag. It’s cool to see law enforcement having a good time on the special night to spread some holiday cheer. Even though it has finally been confirmed that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, there are still more than a few people who disagree, but those people are wrong, plain and simple. Anything else is purely fake news at this time.

The next debate is sure to include Die Hard 2, which should also be considered to be a Christmas movie. It takes place exactly two years after the first movie, on Christmas Eve again, so why wouldn’t the sequel be considered a holiday movie? We’ll just have to save that debate for next year. But for now, the LAPD and NYPD are an agreement when they pay tribute to the greatest action Christmas movie in history. You can check out both tributes below, starting with the East Coast, thanks to the NYPD News Twitter account.

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