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Last Jedi Director Thanks Fans on 1 Year Anniversary, Reigniting a Huge Debate

Posted 2018/12/17 15 0

It’s hard to believe, but The Last Jedi is now a year old. To celebrate the occasion, director Rian Johnson thanked Star Wars fans on social media, which received a mixed reaction from the very fans that he was thanking. Johnson’s decisions while crafting the movie have created one of the most divisive movies in the franchise’s history. Some fans love it or believe that it’s okay, while other swear that The Last Jedi is the worst movie in the franchise. Now, the argument has been opened up again.

Rian Johnson knew what he was getting into when he posted the thank you message on social media. The director is well aware of Star Wars backlash, but he is genuinely thankful for all of the attention, even the negative stuff. Johnson had this to say while thanking Star Wars fans from all over the world.

“Want to thank all the amazing passionate thoughtful kind creative talented supportive argumentative opinionated respectful open-hearted inspiring AMAZING Star Wars fans for the past year. Getting to hear from & meet so many of you has been the experience of a lifetime.”

The ‘thank you’ message has received quite the response over the last few days. It has been retweeted nearly 2,000 times and has been liked over 21,000 times as of this writing. However, with nearly every bit of praise from Star Wars fans comes a negative response, which is leading to more arguments about The Last Jedi again. One fan thanks Rian Johnson for making his dreams come true by adding favorite characters and the very next message says, “He didn’t bring any characters he just ruined the ones he was handed!”

One Star Wars fan received a bunch of negative messages after telling Rian Johnson that he “derailed a franchise and tore apart its fanbase.” Many fans came to Johnson’s defense about The Last Jedi, noting that it was the highest selling Blu-ray of the year with over 3 million sold. Another person stated that the movie was Spaceballs “except the jokes weren’t funny.” Johnson couldn’t even send out a message of gratitude to Star Wars fans without getting attacked. However, there are plenty of fans that are thanking him right back for taking risks with the franchise and making something original.

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The Last Jedi continues to divide Star Wars fans one year after hitting theaters. Rian Johnson took some risks while making the movie and some of his decisions have been criticized thoughtfully while others take more of a troll approach to jump on the negative bandwagon. With that being said, it’s cool to see Star Wars fans having a civil debate about something that they have so much passion for. Johnson created a reaction that is still being talked about to this day, one year after hitting theaters. You can read the thank you message and some responses below, thanks to Rian Johnson’s Twitter account.

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