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Louis C.K. Banned by Denver Comedy Club Following Intense Backlash

Posted 2019/01/10 14 0

Louis C.K. will not be performing any time soon at Denver’s famous Comedy Works. Owner Wende Curtis decided to deny his request after she spoke to one of the five women who alleged that the comedian had masturbated in front of them. The allegations against C.K. had been around for years, but it wasn’t until November of 2017 that he found himself in hot water and admitted to his actions. After the admission of guilt, the premiere of his movie I Love You, Daddy was canceled and the project was shelved indefinitely.

Late last year, Comedy Works owner Wende Curtis received a request of possible dates to perform from Louis C.K.’s assistant. Curtis replied back and said that she would look into possible dates, but then decided that she should speak with one of the women who accused the comedian of sexual misconduct first, after a friend sent her a recent article about C.K. After speaking with the woman, Curtis changed her mind. She had this to say.

“It didn’t feel like it had been very long since he admitted what had happened and my gut instinct was that he hadn’t done the work.”

Wende Curtis did not provide a reasoning to Louis C.K. and his assistant, only stating that the preferred dates were not available. Denver’s Comedy Works is one of the biggest spots in the country and hosts some of the biggest names in comedy. However, C.K. is not welcome, at least for the time being. Hurting matters for the disgraced comedian is the fact that some of his comeback act recently became another controversy.

Last month, audio from one of Louis C.K. comeback gigs leaked online. This normally wouldn’t be a very big deal, but C.K. touched on some pretty controversial subjects, including making fun of the Parkland massacre survivors and the LGBTQ community. Obviously, it’s a comedian’s job to push the envelope, and there are many who agree that C.K.’s new act isn’t anything new for the comedian, but the majority of people are pretty bummed on his decisions. It’s only been a little over a year since his sexual misconduct allegations took over his life, and like Wende Curtis, there are plenty who don’t believe that C.K. has put in the work to make a proper comeback.

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Unlike many people in the entertainment industry who have been called out for sexual misconduct, Louis C.K. admitted to his wrongdoing and apologized. However, many believe that isn’t enough and want to see the comedian put forth more effort while staging a comeback. What that looks like, is really anyone’s guess, but whatever C.K. is doing right now isn’t working out too well for himself. This is a new frontier for many in the entertainment business who are looking to make a comeback after career-ending allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. This story was first reported by Jezebel.

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