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Mark Hamill Hilariously Trolls TikTok Troll with Some Epic Trolling

Posted 2021/05/24 10 0


Mark Hamill has taken his fair share of comments and digs from internet trolls over the years, but when he recently joined TikTok, he proved that he can troll it up with the best. The Star Wars actor joined the popular social media app this month, racking up 5 million views and over 1.4 million followers with just one single post on the platform.

Mark Hamill signed up the app soon after calling out an existing TikTok account claiming to be him, quickly amassing a following with a video of himself and his dog, another of a Star Wars/The Office mash-up, and then he dropped what is probably the best of the three. The third video arrived hot on the heels of a “disgruntled” TikTok user posting about Hamill’s instant recognition on the app, and how it ws more than a little unfair on long-term users. “It is unbelievable how some of us can spend years on this app,” he ranted, “post hundreds of hours of content, never crack a million views, and this ‘actor’ shows up from this old ass movie, drops one video, gets three million hits, and half a million followers in a day. This is b*llshit.”

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The user, who posts under the name dreadpiratedad – a reference to Dread Pirate Roberts, a character from beloved 80s movie The Princess Bride – did later post that many had not realised his video was posted as a joke and he was in fact a massive fan of both Hamill and the Star Wars franchise, but by then Hamill had already fired off a hysterical reply, in which he the “actor from this old ass movie” trolled the user for his “warm welcome to TikTok”.

As these things do, dreadpiratedad was quick to take the opportunity to interact further with the movie star, posting a video response of his reaction to finding Hamill had replied to his original video, which saw the user spraying his tea with shock – yes we know that it was staged, but the sentiment was probably true enough.

Hamill is one of many stars to recently join the app, which saw a surge of new users during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and it has proven an unexpected and mostly successful platform for stars to surprise some of their fans by responding to and “duetting” in videos with them. Other famous faces to sign up to the app have included Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Bonnie Tyler and Jack Black to name but a few.

As well as his foray into the TikTok world, Hamill has been filming in Serbia for his new movie The Machine, which he stars in with Bert Kreischer, on whose real-life story about being involved with the Russian mob the film is based. Hamill also appears as the new voice of Skeletor in Masters of The Universe: Revelations on Netflix in the coming months, something for which he seems like the perfect choice following his many years spent voicing DC villain The Joker in numerous animated series and movies. This news comes from |Mark Hamill on TikTok.


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