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Mark Hamill Trolls Hard with Cruel Star Wars 9 Trailer Tease

Posted 2018/12/16 20 0

Mark Hamill is considering retiring from trolling Star Wars fans after his latest masterpiece. The Luke Skywalker actor trolled fans on social media over the release of the Star Wars 9 trailer and some people just can’t take a joke these days. It has been rumored that the first trailer for the final installment in the new trilogy will arrive before the end of the year, though that has not been officially announced by Disney or Lucasfilm at this time. However, Disney has been on an intense role of releasing some pretty high profile trailers over the last few weeks.

While fans wait patiently for any updates from the set of Star Wars 9 in England, Mark Hamill posted an image of the “trailer” on Twitter. However, the image was very literal. Much like the recent Avengers: Endgame “trailer,” Hamill simply posted a picture of a truck towing a literal Star Wars trailer. The actor captioned the photo by saying, “Here it is as promised (& who didn’t see THIS coming?)” Hamill is clearly having fun with the diehard fans, but it looks like he might be taking a break from all of his trickery.

Next to the Star War 9 trailer picture, Mark Hamill posted an old photo of himself sticking out his tongue and mocking the camera. He hashtagged the photo with Troll Master Hamill and then considers retiring from the troll game because, “now that it’s impossible to trick you nerds!” Social media it has brought everybody a lot closer in ways, which might be why it’s getting harder to mess with Star Wars fans for Hamill. Let’s just hope he’s kidding about that whole retirement thing.

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Mark Hamill recently revealed how seriously Disney and Lucasfilm approach their security measures. The actor says that it’s like working for the CIA at times after admitting that some Star Wars 9 rewrites had to be hand delivered to him on dark red paper, which cannot be copied. After reading through the script, the actor had to return it, where it was sent back on a plane with its handler and flown back to the studio. This is a big difference from how things used to work around the release of a Star Wars project, and Hamill prefers how it was in the old days compared to how it is now.

Star Wars 9 is still filming and Mark Hamill will be back on the set in the next few weeks to finish up. The actor was already on the set for around a week and needs to go back for some more Luke Skywalker scenes. As for how Skywalker will be in the movie, that remains a mystery at this time. A flashback scene or even a Force Ghost is what most believe will happen, but like most things surrounding Star Wars, we won’t know until the movie is actually playing in theaters. You can check out the new Star Wars 9 “trailer” below, thanks to Mark Hamill’s Twitter account.

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