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New Eternals Set Photos Bring Kit Harington and Gemma Chan Into the Action

Posted 2020/01/13 0

Marvel’s Eternals is currently shooting in London. Kit Harington can be seen as Black Knight in civilian clothing, while Gemma Chan’s Sersi performs aerial stunts. As for Harington, this is our first really good look at the former Game of Thrones star on the set. Marvel Studios has a ton of projects in various forms of development, including Disney+ shows that are on the way, but Chloé Zhao’ssci-fi adventure is the only one that is currently shooting for the big screen.

Kit Harington looks pretty much like he normally does, though his hair and beard are shorter. He is playing Black Knight in Marvel’s Eternals, but he appears to be Dane Whitman in these specific images, leading one to believe that most of his costume, along with the rest of the cast’s, will be helped on a soundstage with CGI when shown. It is also currently unknown how big of a part Harington will have in the movie when all is said and done.

As for the images of Gemma Chan from the Eternals set, she is involved in some aerial stunts. When looking at the shots out of context it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, but she appears to be transforming or using her powers while lifted in the air with a harnesses. For being leaked unofficial set photos, both the images of Chan and Kit Harington are in excellent quality, which is rare. In addition to the aerial stunt pictures, Chan can be seen talking to Harington behind-the-scenes while her stunt double does some moves in the same harness.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 is currently underway with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow standalone movie technically being first on board. However, Phase 4 will really kick off when the Eternals hits theaters at the end of the year. The movie is all set to introduce the MCU to some brand-new characters that will more than likely help shape the future of Phase 4 and the upcoming Phase 5, which is coming down the line a lot sooner than initially thought. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has his hands full between the big screen projects and the Disney+ side of things for the small screen.

Eternals hits theaters on November 6th. We have nearly a year left to wait, but we should see some footage by this summer, if not a brief teaser even sooner. The production has been underway for months now, so there could already be some finished footage in the can, or at least close to it. When the Russo Brothers we’re working on Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, a lot of the rough effects work would begin almost instantaneously to get a better feel for what the dailies were actually going to look like on the big screen, so The Eternals could be using the same technique. You can check out the images of Kit Harington and Gemma Chan below, thanks to the Marvel News Twitter account.

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