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Robert Pattinson Thought He Blew His Tenet Meeting Over a Pack of Chocolates

Posted 2020/06/23 0

Robert Pattinson thought he made a big mistake during his first Tenet meeting with director Christopher Nolan. It couldn’t have been that bad since Pattinson landed a part in the movie alongside John David Washington. Warner Bros. and Nolan are moving ahead and hoping that the movie will be able to open in theaters by the end of next month, which is still a gamble at this point in time.

In a new interview promoting Tenet, Robert Pattinson recalled what was going on in his life before getting the call to meet up with Christopher Nolan. From the sound of things, there wasn’t really a whole lot going on with the young actor. With that being said, he was more than excited to take a meeting with the Inception director. He explains.

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“I was in London at the beginning of last year and had kind of absolutely nothing going. So, I was panicking about that when out of nowhere there was a call to say, ‘Do you want to come back to LA?’ [I] went to meet him, and we kind of talked for three hours, and I have no idea what I’m meeting for, what the subject is. I was actually going back through his filmography to kind of try and predict what sort of genre he would go into next. And then, after hours of talking, he finally kind said in the last two minutes, ‘So, I’ve been writing this thing and would you like to come back and read it?'”

This sounds like a typical first meeting between an actor and a director, but Robert Pattinson was convinced he messed the whole thing up with one simple thing. Even an actor like Pattinson gets into little panic modes. The actor had this to say about how he thinks he messed up with Christopher Nolan.

“There was this pack of chocolates on the table. I had a massive blood sugar drop by the end of this conversation. I thought I was going to pass out because we’d been talking so much. I was trying to concentrate so much. Finally, I asked for one of the chocolates and he immediately ended the meeting. I was like, oh my god, I f***ed it up.”

Christopher Nolan did not bring up the chocolate incident when he was interviewed about Tenet. Robert Pattinson had nothing to worry about, but one has to wonder how long he was worried about the situation. Was this a weekend thing, or did they schedule the reading that same day? Regardless, he landed the part. Nolan had this to say about his character.

“Rob plays a character called Neil in the film – or we think may be called Neil. You never really quite know what’s going on with these identities. But he’s the very definition of a fantastic supporting character. He’s a very important character to this film, but he’s very much in support of John David’s character.”

Tenet is scheduled to hit theaters on July 31st. For now, Christopher Nolan and crew are keeping everything under wraps and nothing has leaked out about the plot. A tie-in book is still scheduled to hit the shelves on the original release date of July 17th, so be aware of spoilers hitting the internet around that time. The interview with Nolan and Robert Pattinson was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

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