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Robert Pattison’s The Batman Will Be a Trilogy Not Connected to the DCEU?

Posted 2019/05/31 6 0

We have some new details regarding the casting of Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Several reports very recently made it official that the former Twilight star will indeed be our new Bruce Wayne. Warner Bros. still needs to iron out the details of the contract but, after a lengthy and extensive casting process, he’s been approved as their guy and that means both sides will surely come to terms on a deal. As it happens, the specifics of the deal could wind up being very important, as it relates to the future of the Dark Knight on the big screen.

According to one of the casting reports, Warner Bros. is going to structure Robert Pattinson’s deal to include options for at least two more movies. In essence, that means they at least hope that The Batman will kick off a new trilogy and they want to make sure Robert Pattinson is locked in early so they don’t find themselves in an unenviable negotiating position down the road. Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes, Cloverfield), signed on to write and direct the movie in early 2017 and we had heard previously that he hoped to build out a trilogy. Assuming the first movie goes well, that’s what any major studio would want from a big franchise.

That, on its own, isn’t terribly surprising. What makes it more intriguing is another bit of information contained within this report. Apparently, Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman will “in no way carry on the work that Ben Affleck did as the older Batman in Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.” Affleck has formally stepped away from the role, meaning his specific journey as the character is over. However, there was some thought that Matt Reeves may be setting The Batman in the past, showcasing a younger version of Batfleck so that it could connect to the DCEU. We even heard a rumor that the movie may be set in the 90s. While that may still be true, it’s apparent this is going to be a standalone trilogy and that isn’t being done in order to connect it to the already established universe.

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Story details are largely being kept under wraps, but it’s said this will track the character during his formative years. It was also previously stated by Matt Reeves that he will be showcasing Batman as a detective in what will ultimately be something that will have a noir style and feel. Reeves has also confirmed the movie will feature multiple villains. There is no official confirmation on who those villains will be, but recent rumors suggest Penguin and Catwoman will be involved.

We’ll surely be learning more as pre-production ramps up ahead of filming, which is scheduled to take place early next year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. The Batman is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. This news was previously reported by Deadline.

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