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Shannon Elizabeth Returns as Justice in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Posted 2019/03/13 15 0

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is bringing back another familiar face. Kevin Smith has revealed that Shannon Elizabeth is making her return to the View Askewniverse. Smith has been hard at work filming the latest entry in his interconnected universe that kicked off with Clerks all those years ago. This time around, it’s a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back that will take on Hollywood’s reboot happy culture, and Elizabeth is along for the ride.

This news comes from a photo shared by Kevin Smith on Instagram. He’s been very active throughout production so far, providing plenty of updates, without spoiling too much, as filming continues. In his latest update, he revealed that Shannon Elizabeth will reprise her role from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and, according to his lengthy caption, she’ll have an important role to play. Here’s what Smith had to say about it.

“And Justice for all! It didn’t feel like a true sequel until Shannon Elizabeth stepped on the set of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. But it’s almost like she stepped out of a box that was sealed when we wrapped #jayandsilentbobstrikeback because Shannon hasn’t aged at all! Time marches on, and it’s marched all over my face and Jay’s face, but not Shannon’s! The love of Jay’s life returns to kick our primary plot into gear, and Shannon returned to us from #africa, where she’s been living lately, working to save elephants and rhinos with her Shannon Elizabeth Foundation! So Jason Mewes and I were especially appreciative Shannon not only came back but also came far, leaving behind the noble work for a minute to do some silly shit with old friends. One of the hidden highlights of the shoot for me thus far was overhearing Jason Mewes remind Shannon Elizabeth that she was his first onscreen kiss. 18 years after we all got together and struck back, we’re reuniting to Reboot!”

This begs the question, will Ali Larter or Eliza Dushku, who were palling around with Shannon Elizabeth in the last movie, be back as well? We’ll have to wait and see on that front. Kevin Smith has promised that there will be plenty of cameos and he’s been slowly revealing some of his regulars, such as Jason Lee as Brodie and Brian O’Halloran as Dante, who will also be back for his latest. Smith also recently teased that some new actors will be playing Bluntman and Chronic this time around.

Kevin Smith suffered a near-fatal heart attack last year and he’s got a renewed lease on life. This is his first movie since his recovery and his first full-tilt comedic effort in some time. His previous two movies, Tust and Yoga Hosers, included horror elements as well. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot doesn’t yet have a release date set, but it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2019. Be sure to check out the new photo from Kevin Smith’s Instagram below.

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