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Star Fox Animated Movie Captures the Imagination of Rogue One Co-Writer

Posted 2020/01/14 0

A Star Fox movie could be on the way from Rogue One co-writer Gary Whitta. The writer revealed his desire to make the animated movie on social media. God of War art director Raf Grassetti recently shared some crazy designs involving various Star Fox characters, including Fox, Slippy, Peppy, Falco, and Wolf, which got Whitta thinking about the possibilities of a movie. If taken in the right direction with the right amount of care, a big screen franchise could be massive.

While Gary Whitta is arguably best-known for his work on big screen projects like Rogue One, he was also a journalist for PC Gamer, so he definitely knows his Star Fox information. Does this mean that Whitta is going to write the movie and then pitch it to a big studio? Not exactly. “At this point no because writing scripts is how I support my family and I cannot afford to f*ck around,” said Whitta when asked by a fan about the possibility of a movie.

With that being said, Gary Whitta has publicly announced interest in making a potential Star Fox movie. Nintendo may have thrown the idea around before, so this could be a launching point for someone to hire Whitta to write a script for the movie. Nintendo fans have wanted this for a long time, so it could potentially happen, just not right this second. But, rumors are already starting to take hold and it looks like misinformation is already starting to spread like wildfire.

As of this writing, Wikipedia states that the Star Fox movie is happening with Nintendo and Sony fully on board, along with Gary Whitta and Raf Grassetti. The article also says that the movie is going to be, “a Hyper-photorealistic computer-generated-animated film.” This, unfortunately, is not true. We have the answer about this video game movie right from Whitta that this is not an official announcement of anything. Nintendo did, however, announce back in 2017 that they were working on an anime cartoon based on the video game franchise. There has not been a news update since then, so it’s unclear where the studio is at this point in time, or if the series will ever see a wide release.

Star Fox was first introduced in 1993 on the Super Nintendo. The game was revolutionary for its 3D graphics. Fox McCloud and his team, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi, take on Andross, who threatens to overthrow the Lylat system in the original game. From there, Nintendo 64 put out the Star Fox 64, which was a huge hit. Since then, there have been a number of different games released and the main characters have shown up in comic books and novels. Could a movie end up happening? Sure, but not right now. You can check out the Star Fox designs and Gary Whitta’s Twitter response to them below.

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