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Star Wars 9 Leak Teases Massive Scope of Production

Posted 2019/01/11 15 0

Disney, Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams set off alarm bells earlier this week, after they’d sent out production gifts to their Star Wars 9 cast and crew. An image of the gift landed online, with a few possible spoilers attached. Now, some of the unidentified crew has once again popped up in the ether to tease the impossibly large scope of this Skywalker Saga ending sequel.

We’ve heard a dozen times that J.J. Abrams plans to deliver an epic unlike anything ever seen in the Star Wars franchise before, and bigger than any pie a pair of toe-thumbs could possibly hold. It will supposedly tie all three trilogies together, with elements from the original and prequel trilogies being brought back into play. A post on the Star Wars SubReddit alleged to have some cool new details, but that report was deleted from existence quite quickly. Some of the information was preserved though. And Star Wars News Net is now reporting this about the massive size of the sequel.

“The scale of the film is incredibly large, even by Star Wars standards, and fans will be surprised.”

A Reddit user claiming to have worked on the movie showed off the gift that was bestowed to the cast and crew. It included a special thank you note from J.J. Abrams for their hard work, some Bad Robot swag, and most importantly, two bottles. One was filled with refined sand, said to be from a holy place. Most suspect that this is a Jedha reveal, with the sequel possibly heading back to the planet introduced in Rogue One. The other bottle contained black beans, and is said to represent a new force known only as ‘The Jedi Eater’. What is a Jedi Eater? Is it the new Porg? We’ll have to wait and see. Another poster who seemingly proved their Lucasfilm credentials claims the two jars are fake. But then again, they might just be trying to cover something up.

The most recent Reddit thread claims that the unnamed insider had two different interactions with a couple of crew members. One loved The Last Jedi, the other hated it. Both claim they are equally impressed with what J.J. Abrams has been able to pull off with this massive movie. And that the production is coming along without any glitches, something that definitely couldn’t be said for Rogue One, Solo or The Last Jedi, with a documentary showing how against some of the scenes in that movie star Mark Hamill actually was.

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The latest leak didn’t offer up any true plot details. And we still known precious little about the storyline this time out. We do know that Luke, Leia and Lando will all return, alongside Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2. The rumor that Han Solo is returning has turned its ugly head again as well.

It is believed that the first trailer for Star Wars 9 wont drop until the Super Bowl, while others suspect we may not even get it until April, during Star Wars Celebration. No title has been announced, and it’s likely we won’t get the title until the first footage arrives, just like what Disney didn’t with Avengers: Endgame, which in the end turned out to be slightly anti-climatic. This latest Star Wars news originated at Star Wars News Net.

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