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Star Wars Director Taika Waititi Shares His Favorite Line from The Empire Strikes Back

Posted 2020/05/09 2 0

Taika Waititi has revealed his favorite line of dialogue from The Empire Strikes Back. The director has been in the news quite a bit over the past week since it was just confirmed that he will be directing his own Star Wars movie. The announcement was made to celebrate Star Wars Day earlier this week and it has kicked up a lot of rumors and speculation. However, it’s unclear what Waititi is going to do with the franchise since he is keeping his mouth shut for the time being.

Taika Waititi can currently be seen in Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, which takes Star Wars behind the scenes of the franchise’s first live-action TV series. While Baby Yoda steals the show in front of the camera, Waititi is the one a lot of people want to see behind-the-scenes for his unique perspective on things. In the latest episode, he talked about his love of The Empire Strikes Back.

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“My favorite of all of the lines, definitely in that film, is when he’s trying to get the ship out of the swamp, and he can’t do it. And Yoda brings the ship all the way out, floats it over, and then puts it down, and Luke says, ‘I don’t believe it.’ and Yoda says ‘that’s why you fail.’ It’s so good.”

Yoda’s famous lines in The Empire Strikes Back were echoed in The Rise of Skywalker, reinforcing their meaning to the franchise. The whole training scene from the movie is a pivotal piece of Luke Skywalker’s journey, though Taika Waititi wasn’t really into to it when he first saw the movie. He later changed his mind when it all clicked. “When you go back to it, and you’re like, ‘There’s so many deep themes, especially in terms of spirituality,'” says the director.

Yoda is a big part of The Empire Strikes Back and his species is a major part of The Mandalorian. Taika Waititi has received heaps of praise for his work on the series and people seem to be pretty excited about the idea of Waititi getting his own Star Wars movie. Now it’s time to figure out which era it will take place in and what characters will be included. For now, all we really know is that it won’t focus on the Skywalker Saga, which leaves it all pretty wide open.

The Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope are arguably the fan-favorites, with many leaning towards the sequel. When it was released, there were a lot of hardcore fans who were pretty upset with the story and they wrote letters to Lucasfilm and magazines to announce their opinions. It wasn’t easy as pulling out a smartphone and posting to Reddit. With that being said, it is clearly a fan-favorite all of these years later. You can head over to Disney+ to check out the latest episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.

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