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The Batman Concept Art Shows Early Batmobile Design

Posted 2020/06/02 0

Concept art from Matt Reeves’ The Batman provides a detailed early look at the new Batmobile. DC fans have had mixed responses to the new design. Some are into the subdued look, while others wish it had a bit more of an extreme look, building off of past designs. Regardless, Reeves has built a ton of excitement around the project, thanks to the official images he has shared, along with the production updates. The Batman was forced to suspend production back in the middle of March.

The new Batmobile designs were originally posted by model maker Jeff Frost and then shared on social media. Most of the early design stuck, as evidenced by the official images Matt Reeves shared. As a whole, some things were removed, like some orange lights on the hood of the iconic vehicle. As others have pointed out, the design has a muscle car design mixed with KITT from Knight Rider. The shape of the final design also changed slightly, though for the most part, it looks like Frost’s early designs will be shown in The Batman.

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The Batmobile is an important part of the Dark Knight Franchise. Some fans look forward to seeing the new vehicle design just as much as seeing the new cowl and suit design. Tim Burton took things to a whole new level in 1989, and things have continually ramped up since then, going into a more military type of look. Bruce Wayne’s toys seem like they will be downplayed in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The director has revealed on more than one occasion that the movie will bring the character back to his detective roots, making one assume the brains will be the main muscle this time around as opposed to some new toys.

The Batman could go back into production as soon as next month in the U.K. now that restrictions are starting to ease. James Cameron has already landed in New Zealand to commence work on Avatar 2, though he has to be quarantined for two weeks before they are able to start work up again. It is believed that it will be the same deal for The Batman production when they head back to the U.K.

While a lot of fans were bummed to see The Batman get a release date change, it has worked out in Matt Reeves’ favor. The director saw the break as a positive element for the storyline and character development. Since they already started, the director was able to work with some of the actors and make some changes, while taking his time instead of having to make them under the gun. In the end, The Batman should be a better movie, thanks to the production break. While we wait to see when the movie goes back to work, you can check out the early Batmobile concept art below, thanks to The BatRobert Twitter account.

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