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The Flash Movie to Rebuild Tim Burton’s Gotham City?

Posted 2021/05/11 12 0


The Flash movie might be taking us back to Tim Burton’s Gotham City. By this point, most everyone knows that the movie will see Michael Keaton reprising his role as the Dark Knight from Burton’s Batman (1989) and its sequel, Batman Returns (1992). Leaked photos suggest the appearance will include a return to Wayne Manor, and Keaton’s classic Batmobile has been teased in another image from the set.

Now, The Daily Record reports that film crews with The Flash are scheduled to arrive in Scotland next month to start working on the movie. Per the report, parts of both Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland will be altered to “recreate gothic scenes” from the classic Batman movie directed by Tim Burton, that will be appearing as flashbacks. If the production is really recreating Gotham City as reported, that would suggest that we’ll be seeing much more from Burton’s Batman universe than just Keaton popping in from off-screen to say hello

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“It’s really exciting for DC Comic fans that film crews will be back in town. It’s great news for Glasgow and Edinburgh that once again the outstanding architecture will be showcased in such a big film,” a Daily Record source claimed.

Michael Keaton’s return is made possible in The Flash by way of a multiverse storyline. In the movie, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) travels back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, unintenionally sparking disastrous consequences for his current timeline. Involving multiple timelines also allows for different Batman actors to appear, as Ben Affleck is also set to play his version of Bruce Wayne one last time in the upcoming movie. It’s unclear if Batfleck will meet Keaton’s Batman in the movie, but that would undoubtedly be an unforgettable scene.

The cast of The Flash also includes Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdu, and Ron Livingston. Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso will appear in undisclosed roles. Given the nature of the multiverse storyline, there’s also no telling who else might be appearing in the movie, and we’re likely to see several surprises as well. Many fans have called for other characters from Burton’s Batman universe to appear, like Danny DeVito’s Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.

Fans were nearly robbed of the chance to see Keaton’s return after the actor cast doubt on appearing in The Flash. Though his casting had been highly publicized, Keaton told Deadline in March that he still wasn’t 100% on board. At the time, the Batman star said it all came down to the state of the pandemic and whether it would be safe enough for him to travel to the shooting locations and film with the cast and crew. It has since been reported that Keaton’s good to go and the Wayne Manor/Gotham City sets further seemingly confirm his involvement.

Andy Muschietti directs The Flash using a screenplay by Christina Hodson. Michael Disco and Barbara Muschietti produced. As of now, the movie is scheduled to be released in the United States on Nov. 4, 2022. For the Batman fans, The Flash may also just be the start of featuring Keaton in the DCEU. There have been reports that Warner Bros. hopes to bring him back in multiple projects, having him serve a role similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in the MCU. This news was first reported by The Daily Record.


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